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About Us

Meet The Team

We are METAV.RS, a mix of cool geeks, experienced entrepreneurs and transformation enablers.Building the future is exciting. Providing tools to support the future’s construction is even better.

Simon Foucher

Co founder & CEO

Jérémie Salvucci

Co founder & CTO

Adrien de Lavenère-Lussan

Co founder & COO

Clément Foucher

Co founder & CGO

Claire Palliser
Creative Director
Benoît Mouret
Head of Product
Maxime Sicot
Head of Growth
Laure Pineau
Talent & Office Manager
Thomas Sauvé
Marketing & Communication Officer
Aurélien Leroy
3D Artist and texturing designer
Renan Fargetton
Software Engineer
Antoine Robert
Full-Stack Engineer
Adrien Brooks
3D Designer
Carmen Siakam
Content Creator
Léane Leroy-Letellier
3D Artist
Pierre Nastasi
Business Developer
Thibault Coppex
3D Creative Engineer
Jerome Rotfarb
3D Lead Artist
Pauline Bouvet
UX Designer
Baptiste Stratzzulla
Full Stack Developer
Alexandre EL Khoury
Blockchain Developer
Mathieu Lirzin

Full Stack Developer

Investors & Board Members

Joanna Lang
James Wo
Michael Amar
Michael Amar
Elsa Martineau
Sébastien Borget
Eric Larchevêque
Thibault Renouf
Jonathan Bordereau
David Balland
Joel Hazan
Sébastien Lalevée


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Ecosystem & Partners

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