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Beauty in the Metaverse: Clinique’s Immersive Ventures

METAV.RS / Beauty in the Metaverse: Clinique’s Immersive Ventures
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Just like Clinique cares for its customers’s skin, it also equally cares about enhancing their retail experience. With immersive commerce experiences (VR and AR) and multiple metaverse ventures via NFTs, Clinique is redefining the consumer experience in the beauty industry by making it more accessible, inclusive and engaging for customers of all ages. “At Clinique, we’re continuously searching for opportunities to innovate and provide consumers with unique, engaging ways to interact with our brand,” said Carolyn Dawkins, Senior Vice President of Clinique Global Online, Consumer Engagement & Product Marketing, in an interview. 

Clinique’s NFT Launches in the Metaverse

NFT Debut 

Clinque's debut in metaverse

In October 2021, the skincare brand announced its first NFT project that was aimed at rewarding customer loyalty and promoting engagement for its premium products. It created just 3 editions of its first NFT, called ‘MetaOptimist,’ and utilized a different method of offering these digital collectibles. Unlike typical NFT releases, Clinique chose to offer them as exclusive rewards to its Smart Rewards members. The marketing campaign encouraged the loyalty program members to share stories on Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter while answering the prompt: “How do you bring hope and optimism to the people around you, and who brings a smile to your face?”. These entries were then judged by using a standard set of criterias and all the 3 winners received this limited-edition NFT, minted on Polygon. They were also given early access to the popular Black Honey Almost Lipstick physical product(which was then out of stock) and a chance to receive a selection of Clinique products annually for a decade.

Metaverse Like Us

Clinique : metaverse like us

As per statistics, only 20% of users and creators in the metaverse and Web3 space are women, with less than 16% of all NFT artists being female, and NFTs with avatars of color and disability being valued lower than white avatars. Clinique’s latest NFT project, “Metaverse More Like Us”, launched in June 2022, was aimed at celebrating diversity and combating these statistics by making the metaverse space more inclusive for all. Clinique partnered with Daz 3D, known for its inclusive NFP (non-fungible people) collection, for this campaign and also collaborated with 3 famous makeup artists. Tess Daly, Sheika Daley, and Emira D’Spain were asked to create unique NFT makeup looks for the NFP avatar community. The collection featured 8,888 PFP (profile picture) NFTs, mainly representing people of color, non-binary people and those with various challenges.

In the first phase, the cosmetics brand randomly distributed 5,904 NFT makeup looks by airdropping them as blind tokens to a random selection of NFP holders. . Recipients could sell them on the secondary market, keep them, or burn them onto their PFPs.This was followed by a monthly reveal of 1,968 NFTs created by each artist in July, August and September. These looks, divided into everyday and rare fantastical versions, paid homage to Clinique’s founding year i.e. 1968. Moreover, to increase awareness about the campaign, the beauty brand’s social media platforms ran multiple digital promotions to shed light on various aspects of physical disability.

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Immersive Beauty Labs in the Metaverse

Skin School x Clinique

In collaboration with Skin School, Clinique introduced its version of the digital shopping world via a miniverse in March 2021. This campaign was initiated to celebrate Clinique’s then latest foundation launch, Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF and was aimed at offering consumers an immersive and experiential way to explore the product virtually.

This virtual space was designed as a ‘holistic’ touchpoint and offered beauty enthusiasts a chance to engage in virtual skin classes, and get behind-the-scenes looks at Clinique’s products. The beauty metaverse provided a 360-degree interactive experience for the visitors in each virtual room,  and was supplemented with live chat and tutorials that highlighted Clinique’s expertise. 

Clinique Labs

clinique's immersive experience

2 years after the success of the first miniverse, Clinique unveiled the virtual Clinique Labs in March 2023. Drawing inspiration from their renovated physical retail labs in China and New York City, which combined personalized diagnostics with immersive shopping, the virtual space was aimed at making the brand more accessible for global users by bringing the brand’s retail experience to the internet. Users can access the miniverse through both website and mobile phone and allows customers to create 3D avatars for exploring Clinique’s digital storefront. For the initial launch, Clinique highlighted its top performer, Moisture Surge™ 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator and also the recently launched ‘Protect Your Glow’ campaign. Through interactive elements and immersive storytelling, consumers can learn more about product ingredients, formulation, and benefits and get live answers on their questions through the chatbot with language integration. The rollout of the miniverse has been done in 36 countries and also offers other exclusive benefits.

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Virtual try ones using AI/AR

Clinique is further enhancing retail experience for prospective customers with an in-store immersive virtual try-on feature, utilizing AI and AR technologies. This interactive setup involves iPads at counters displaying an ‘attract loop’ for users to visualize Clinique products on their faces. This AR tech is also utilized by beauty consultants in customer interactions, thus leading to a higher customer engagement rate. Infact, Jeremy Harris, Executive Director, Vice President, Clinique Brand Technology Leader also noted in an interview,  “The virtual try-on displays in the store are a great conversation starter for our Clinique Beauty Consultants”.  Reports state that Clinique saw a  2x increase in conversion and 30% increase in order value since implementing this immersive tech. This success led to the brand offering similar AI/AR-powered virtual try-on experiences on the website, and is said to be popular among both desktop and mobile users. It also extended the offering to “microsites,” which are accessible via QR codes found on in-store displays. 

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