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5 Best Brand Activations on Roblox

METAV.RS / 5 Best Brand Activations on Roblox
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Roblox has become one of the most popular virtual gaming platforms on the planet by captivating millions of users worldwide with its diverse virtual worlds and unique interactive experiences. At its core, Roblox is an immersive social platform that allows users to play dozens of user-created games or create games through Roblox Studio. With an average monthly user base of 214 million players per month, it provides brands with multiple opportunities to harness the creativity and interactivity of Roblox to connect with a wide range of audience. 

Brands have the choice between launching limited-time event-based Roblox activations or having a more persistent always-on miniverse on the platform. The always-on space is a truer representation of a brand’s metaverse vision  – a persistent, immersive space in which users can make changes to the environment around them and experience those changes during future visits. However, these continuous Roblox worlds require continuous  moderation and monitoring, along with regular collaborations with Roblox creators to ensure the space remains fresh and engaging. In contrast, limited-time events have proven to be more successful and are receiving more traffic and engagement than their counterparts. These temporary brand activations align more seamlessly with traditional marketing strategies, which typically tend to be implemented for a set timeframe, rather than an indefinite duration and also offer the users a clear incentive to experience the event before it goes away. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best brand activations on Roblox.

Vans World

Van brand in roblox

This permanent Roblox space was launched in September 2021 by the skate and clothing brand, Vans and has since gone on to become the first fashion company to reach over 100 million Roblox visitors in the miniverse. In Vans World, players have the opportunity to skate alongside friends, compete against each other in interactive challenges and accumulate points by performing a range of skateboard tricks. These points can then be used to purchase customizable outfits and skateboards for their virtual avatars, thus effectively tapping into Roblox’s culture of self expression and creativity. 

Part of the reason for their success was the permanence of the miniverse, that was accompanied by regular updates and collaborations with other brands. “We didn’t build this to be there for two weeks,” said Julia Patkowski, senior manager of global brand digital marketing at Vans, in an interview. “We plan on building and learning from the community and updating it and creating a true, unique experience that evolves with what we hear from the community.” Before its release, some Star Creators on Roblox (such as ThumbsUpFamily, bluecosmiic, and biggerdadt) were given early access to test the event game before it officially came out. 

Gucci Town

vans x gucci in roblox

In May 2022, Gucci unveiled its virtual piazza, “Gucci Town,” within the Roblox landscape, embodying the creative vision of director Alessandro Michele. This permanent space features a central garden linking different sections, such as a mini-games zone, a cafe for community interaction, and a digital store offering virtual Gucci items for Roblox avatars. Collaborations with celebrities like Miley Crush and Jack Grealish in Gucci’s miniverse contributed to its popularity, and the virtual town has attracted over 40.6 million visitors to date.

In April 2023, Gucci and Vans got together to feature a special activation between their respective Roblox lands. The community members were challenged to embark on a scavenger hunt and collect fabrics and patterns by navigating obstacles in the two worlds. Portals shaped like shoe boxes transported the  players between the  worlds. Collection of all swatches allowed the players to redeem special items, such as a shoe accessory and a skateboard backpack, their Roblox avatars.

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With Covid still being a limiting factor in 2021, Chipotle decided to take its annual Halloween promotion, Boorito, to the metaverse. They chose Roblox as their platform mainly because of the low financial requirements and commercialization opportunities. Aimed to highlight the “fun and legacy of the Boorito promotion”, the Boorito experience was launched on October 28th and caused the site to crash for 73 hours. Chipotle took advantage by extending the promotion and earned over 4 billion impressions from this event. 

chipotle activation in roblox

This paved the way for the brand activation, “Chipotle Burrito Builder.” Players win free digital merchandise when they complete games and can earn additional Burrito Bucks, when they deliver food throughout the surrounding neighborhood. The experience was updated in September 2022 when Chipotle launched a new menu item i.e garlic guajillo steak. The brand cleverly merged the virtual world to physical rewards by letting the first 25,000 players (who successfully grilled the steak in the game) earn a free real-life garlic guajillo steak meal. The average time spent in the game for the promotion was 10 minutes, which is a success in itself.  More than 4 million users played the game its first week, and more than 17 million have since then. 

Nike Land

Nike’s miniverse in Roblox, Nikeland, was launched in November 2021 and drew inspiration from Nike’s original headquarters. It is designed to  be an engaging 3D space targeted at people passionate about sports and gaming and features Nike buildings, fields and arenas. Players can compete in various mini-games, ranging from tag and dodgeball to “The Floor Is Lava”. Nike also plans to infuse the miniverse with athlete and product integration, thus recreating global sports moments (like Olympics and World Cups) in Web3. A digital showroom was also announced wherein users could dress their avatars in Nike clothing and accessories. Nikeland was an immense success with the brand announcing that almost 7M people, from around 224 counties, had already visited Nikeland in the first 2 months. This number increased further to 21M in September 2022 as per reports by Roblox. 

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In a move to stay ahead of its competitors, Walmart launched 2 brand activations on Roblox simultaneously; Walmart Land is a space for concerts and limited-time activations, and a merch store while Walmart’s Universe of Play is a “virtual toy destination”. Walmart Land launched with 3 major experiences- Electric Island, House of Style and Electric Fest. The House of Style featured a virtual dressing room and offered products from af94, UOMA by Sharon C., ITK by Brooklyn & Bailey, etc. Whereas, the Electric Fest featured motion-capture concert celebrations and already included major collaborations with popular artists such as Madison Beer, Kane Brown and YUNGBLUD. This experience encouraged an increase in visitors to Walmart Land throughout the initial period as ‘music is an accessible, high engagement entry point’.

walmart in web3

The Universe of Play created an immersive experience for Roblox users, wherein they could explore different toy worlds to earn coins for cool virtual goods for their avatars, or complete epic challenges to build a personal trophy case, and unlock secret codes. Both of these activations were retired after a set time period and in September 2023, Walmart launched its 3rd activation on Roblox called Walmart Discovered. In this immersive experience, players can participate in a nomination system by casting votes for their favorite games, indie experiences, and virtual items. This platform will put more than 300 Roblox community creators into the spotlight and the voting process will take place over 4 months. Roblox developers and creators will have the opportunity to monetize their virtual items through sales in Roblox’s virtual currency, Robux. The miniverse is divided into various “departments” such as sports, pets, racing, beauty etc. Users can personalize their experience with features like “My Department” and “My Cart” and the space even features a selfie corner for members to create and share social media content featuring their avatar’s latest virtual fashion.

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