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Utility NFTs in Hospitality: Thomas Matteï tells us all about the first Web3 activation of Le Bristol Paris

METAV.RS / Utility NFTs in Hospitality: Thomas Matteï tells us all about the first Web3 activation of Le Bristol Paris
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Utility NFTs in the hospitality industry are transforming the guest experience by providing valuable digital assets that grant access to exclusive services and create unforgettable moments.

Shaking up the codes of the luxury hospitality industry” is the challenge taken on by the Parisian Palace, Le Bristol. This prestigious establishment has become a pioneer in adapting Web3 to the hotel sector by launching its first NFT collection. Thomas Mattei, Marketing, Brand & E-commerce Manager at Le Bristol, shares with us the challenges and opportunities that arise within this hotel following their first NFT drop in partnership with METAV.RS, as well as future prospects in the Web3 and Metaverse space.

What is your role at Le Bristol?

I hold the position of Marketing and E-commerce Manager for the hotel. I have been working for Le Bristol for 7 years. To sum up, I am responsible for the online and offline brand image, the entire e-commerce strategy for sales and promotion of the hotel, both in the digital realm and its physical environment.

What triggered the launch of the Web3 experience for Le Bristol, especially Utility NFTs in this Hospitality industry?

Le Bristol Paris aimed to transform the way they interact with their Customers. A new approach, based on excellence as usual, to enhance the existing experiences. The fact is that Le Bristol is constantly in search of innovation. We enjoy taking action, especially when it comes to projects that position Le Bristol Paris where it is least expected.

It is somewhat of a creed for Le Bristol Paris: “Breaking the codes” in the Parisian scene, amidst the other Parisian palaces. We thought that being the world’s first palace and hotel of our standing to take the leap and make an entry into Web3 with our first NFT drop would significantly contribute to evolving our brand image.”

Thomas Matteï, L'H3ritage by Le Bristol Paris Utility NFTs

Our intention is to achieve something unexpected. We want to bewilder our clients and prospects by challenging the norms of the hotel industry through the adoption of a technology that is still considered “futuristic” for this sector. Although the world is already quite advanced in this regard, it is still a major step forward as our industry may appear resistant to such technologies.

We then partnered with METAV.RS to ensure a successful and notable entry into Web3, leveraging all the tools at our disposal. Personally, and due to my nature, I really want to keep innovation at the Heart of the marketing strategy.

With the CEO of Le Bristol, we had extensive discussions, and he too seemed enthusiastic about venturing into Web3. We believed that it would be a remarkable project for Le Bristol to enter this ecosystem where absolutely no one expected it.

On Friday, April 14, 2023, you launched the first 11 NFTs from Le Bristol. What is the objective behind this Utility NFTs activation for the holders of these Le Bristol digital assets?

The purpose of this NFT drop is to create new experiences within Le Bristol, allowing customers to interact with the Palace in unprecedented ways and offering new ways to perceive and live the hotel. It was essential for us to have NFTs connected to these experiences. Offering purely artistic NFTs without any associated utility, for example, would not have been justified.

Therefore, we thought about what we do best, what we are known for, what we are expert in. Without any doubts : excellence, savoir-faire, and gastronomy. It was crucial for us to link these NFTs to the experiences at Le Bristol.

Finding experiences that went beyond what we already offer as a palace was not easy. So, we brainstormed with the various department heads to identify experiences that had never been offered at Le Bristol or made available to our customers. After this brainstorming session, we listed 11 unique experiences that had never been lived at Le Bristol. This is where Utility NFTs in Hospitality industry come into play.

These experiences will showcase our talents, our top artisans, and allow the NFT holders to go behind the scenes and truly immerse themselves in the heart of Le Bristol. Beyond this activation, our goal is to create a Web3 community associated with Le Bristol Paris in the long run.

We desire to make Le Bristol a Web3 hotel, “the place to be” when in Paris, whether attending an event or simply going round in the city. A club is taking shape, and the first members will undoubtedly be the eleven holders of Le Bristol NFTs.

This club will naturally continue to grow, and its members will be cherished, privileged, and engaged through events throughout the year. We have partnered with DeGen to create the antechamber of Le Bristol, dedicated to their events. The goal is also to activate a community that appreciates French excellence and ingenuity.

Why did you choose the NFT format to offer all these benefits? Was it to reach a new community? Are there any other reasons?

It seemed like the simplest option for a first project, one with a manageable scope. Many would typically think of a simple gift card. However, at Le Bristol, we saw Utility NFTs in Hospitality as a gateway to the Web3 ecosystem. It was mainly a way for us to take our first steps into this new world, this new technology that offers extraordinary possibilities and a certain dynamism. It’s a realm where projects are in line with current trends, even if sometimes criticized. But that didn’t stop us from diving in. Additionally, gift cards can appear somewhat outdated these days.

Besides, thanks to our entry into Web3, we have the opportunity to engage in public collaborations on the blockchain. This would amplify the activation achieved, unlike gift cards, which ultimately restrict the circle of holders. NFTs can be resold and give others the opportunity to enjoy the privileges of this unique experience at Le Bristol.

Speaking of collaborations, I can say that we have been approached by other entities to work together on future projects within the Web3 ecosystem.

Le Bristol Utility NFTs in Hospitality

What is your vision for the future of these NFTs? After all, they are the first NFTs from a French palace, the first from Le Bristol. This means that even from a historical perspective, they could have and get more value.

These NFTs are indeed a strong marker of Le Bristol Paris. From an aesthetic standpoint, they are astonishing and reflect the iconic codes of Le Bristol very well. There is an immediate attachment, even visually, to the palace that is Le Bristol. And, of course, the utilities associated with these NFTs give them a clear value.

In addition to the utilities unlocked by these NFTs, we envision new uses for the months and years to come. This could involve offering eligibility for even richer and more extraordinary experiences than the initial ones. The initial community that supported Le Bristol in its entry into Web3 will be highly rewarded, whether through future drops or any other benefits.

What are the next steps?

In the short term, the focus will be on activating the members of the H3ritage club, which consists of the first 11 NFT owners, providing them with the “Le Bristol” experience and inviting them to events throughout the year.

In the medium term, I would like to take Le Bristol even further into Web3. I would have our clients and prospects embrace it, and explore all the possibilities available to us, particularly with Augmented Reality and gaming/metaverse activations. But most importantly, I want to physically activate our clients within the hotel so that they too can step into Web3 through Le Bristol.


In short, the integration of utility NFTs in the hospitality industry, as demonstrated by the groundbreaking initiative of Le Bristol Paris, is reshaping the guest experience and opening up new possibilities for hotels worldwide. Introducing these digital assets has allowed Le Bristol to offer exclusive services and unforgettable moments to its NFT holders, establishing a strong bond between the digital realm and the physical luxury experience.

Any brand or creator should explore and understand the benefits of utility NFTs for their business. These digital certificates can transform customer engagement and create unique offerings. In the end they contribute to the overall growth and innovation of the industry. Hotels can tap into a thriving community and foster collaborations in the evolving space of Web3.

Learn from Le Bristol’s successful journey and delve deeper into the world of utility NFTs to unlock a realm of endless possibilities for your own venture.

Find out more details regarding the program on the website of Le Bristol Paris

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