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Casio’s Iconic G-Shock Watches are Coming to The Metaverse

METAV.RS / Casio’s Iconic G-Shock Watches are Coming to The Metaverse
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Casio, in collaboration with Ethereum scaling developer Polygon Labs, is set to launch its G-SHOCK watch in the metaverse as an NFT. This marks the launch of a Virtual G-SHOCK NFT collection as a membership pass to access the community. 

In order to join the community, users can acquire one of 15,000 NFT-based G-SHOCK creator passes for free. These passes grant them access to dedicated private channels in the project Discord. G-SHOCK aims to bring together both long-time fans and people who are not yet familiar with the brand by offering a place to create community, connect, collaborate, and have fun. Exclusive access to acquire the NFT will be given to existing Casio clients (having a CASIO ID on the brand’s membership) from September 23rd to 26th.  Afterwards, the NFTs will be open to the public from September 26- 29.

G-Shock Creator Pass

G-SHOCK announced the project 2 weeks after Casio filed a trademark application with the US Patent and Trademark Office, covering virtual clothing and watches, NFT-backed media, and stores for virtual goods.

Community-Driven Project Focusing On Creativity

Casio hopes to harness the popularity of its shock-resistant watches and get the community further involved by inviting users to submit design ideas for the G-SHOCK Creator Pass. They will then participate in a voting process to determine its final appearance and the selected design will be featured as a variant of the NFT pass, highlighting the collaborative nature of the project.

Casio iconic watch

In an interview with Decrypt, Takahashi Oh, Senior General Manager of Casio’s timepiece division, stated “the co-creation of the Virtual G-Shock Project aims to foster a culture of wearing watches in the virtual world. In a metaverse linked to the NFT, Casio would like to realize a world where many avatars wear wristwatches and G-Shocks, just like in the real world. To make this a reality, we want to cultivate virtual fans through the co-creation project and increase the number of friends who will work together to create the future that Virtual G-Shock is aiming for.”

As METAV.RS, we have supported major brands, such as Michelin and Le Bristol, to launch their own NFTs and create engaging and lasting brand communities. 

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Collaboration with Polygon

Casio’s decision to partner with Polygon for its Web3 project was influenced by various factors, but mainly due to the blockchain’s ability to enable rapid transactions. The security of Ethereum also facilitates the creation and management of NFTs and hence enhances user experience. 

“At its core, our virtual G-SHOCK was built to be accessible, innovative, and inclusive, meaning that user experience must be frictionless and simple. This is why Polygon was the most natural and logical choice for us,” Oh said. Polygon’s eco-friendly and carbon-neutral approach to blockchain operations was an added benefit and aligned well with Casio’s sustainability goals.

The collection will be first rolled out in 16 countries, including the U.S., UK, Germany, Italy and India.