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Diesel’s Web3 Wardrobe: An Immersion with NFTs

METAV.RS / Diesel’s Web3 Wardrobe: An Immersion with NFTs
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Diesel has made heads turn not only with its runaway looks but also with bold entry into the world of Web3 and NFTs. While all other brands tend to focus on maintaining exclusivity, this iconic Italian fashion brand made sure to focus on accessibility and inclusivity for all in the metaverse. Below you can do a deep dive and immerse yourselves in their NFT collections.

Diesel x Neuno

Diesel's first NFT

The brand’s first foray into the metaverse took place in November 2021. The brand collaborated with the luxury NFT platform, to design a digital version of their Spring/Summer 2022 ‘Prototype’ sneaker and the NFT was unveiled at the 2021 NFT.NYC conference. The drop was limited to 5,000 units and exclusive for neuCard holders, D:Verse members and Reserve List sign-ups. The actual physical shoe was also available in Diesel stores and online and prospective buyers could virtually experience the sneakers with an Augmented Reality try-on feature via

Launch of D:Verse: Diesel’s Web3 Platform

In March 2022, Diesel made a significant move in the metaverse with the announcement of D:VERSE, a Web3 platform that blends NFTs with physical fashion items and offers a unique experience for its community and NFT holders. The platform’s first release included exclusive NFTs from Diesel’s latest Fall Winter 2022 collection showcased at Milan Fashion. Available on a first come, first served basis, D:VERSE customers could mint limited editions like the D: Prototype-CR (sneakers), D: Puffer (down jacket), and a one-of-a-kind D:Fur (fur jacket). Keeping in line with their goal of accessibility, both cryptocurrency and physical currencies were accepted. Additionally, the D:VERSE-KEY was introduced as a gateway to Diesel’s NFT community and promised various future perks, such as customization of digital items, access to a private Discord channel, pre-sales of NFTs at a discount, free drops, and exclusive insights into new games and upcoming projects from Diesel.

Diesel x Hape

Diesel x Hape in Web3

In December 2022, Diesel teamed up with, a new and much hyped NFT project addition to the (Bored) Ape multiverse, to launch the #DieselGenesisHAPE NFT collection. This collection was a joint effort by Diesel’s creative director Glenn Martens and HAPE’s founder Digimental and uniquely offers both physical and digital benefits to its users. The collection included a limited edition of the iconic 1DR POD crossbody bag and Diesel also introduced “Diesel Genesis Hape”, a Diesel ambassador within the Hape metaverse community and the web3 space. Like always, community members gain access to exclusive events and other benefits. “Together we are building the future of fashion through shared creative vision, capabilities and community activation” a member of HAPE was quoted saying at the announcement of the collaboration. 

Diesel x Public Pressure

diesel's web3 platform

In September 2023, Diesel launched its Metamorph NFT series, which featured 300 digital editions in collaboration with Public Pressure, the NFT music marketplace. The brand continued with their multichain approach to provide users with the flexibility to choose the ecosystem they prefer more and these NFTs are minted on both Polkadot and Polygon networks for $60 each. The name of these collectibles was influenced by one of Diesel’s watch design and Glenn Martens’ aesthetics and offered the token buyers access to allowlist to purchase one of 300 rare Metamorph watches. Diesel said that the physical watches would also include some form of digital offering and these NFTs also featured an exclusive soundtrack by Senjan Jansen, access to music events, and a virtual experience by Artificial Rome. Other assigned utilities included special access to Diesel’s fashion shows. All these associated utilities are Diesel’s attempt to “continue to push the boundaries of the ways that fashion brands interact with their communities,” as stated by Stefano Rosso, board member of Diesel parent OTB Group and CEO of OTB’s BVX division, said in a statement. 

Diesel x Fossil Group

In October 2023, as part of its Metamorph Web3 initiative, Diesel partnered up with Fossil Group and launched the ‘Vert’ timepiece collection in the metaverse. Each physical watch in this collection was paired with a unique digital collectible. Diesel efficiently utilized VR technology in the design process to create the Vert watches, which have a look described as having a “vertebrae” or “bone structure”. Buyers of the watch obtained a code to register for a corresponding NFT, which gave them access to Diesel’s virtual Metamorph miniverse and a multi-layer gaming experience. These NFTs would then transition through three phases to become an avatar, termed as A:VERT: AR, that the player could mint afterwards. Completion of all quests in this metaverse, with the aim to “reactivate time” in a fictional realm, culminated in an exclusive digital concert by musician Lil’ Dre.

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