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METAV.RS powered the Fashion Luxury Experience with DressX and The Fabricant at PBW 2023

METAV.RS / METAV.RS powered the Fashion Luxury Experience with DressX and The Fabricant at PBW 2023
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Welcome to the exciting world of Blockchain and Metaverse, where opportunities and collaborations abound. The Paris Blockchain Week (PBW) is one such event that brings together industry leaders, technology enthusiasts and fashion aficionados, all keen on building the future of Web3. The immersive activations resulting from METAV.RS collaborations brought a great level of excitement and engagement to the PBW 2023. 

In this dynamic ecosystem, the fashion luxury corner stands out, providing an immersive experience for visitors to discover the latest trends in virtual fashion. At the forefront of this experience is METAV.RS, a company that understands the importance of partnering with other Web3 Native Vertical brands to enhance its core value proposition.

Through this partnership, METAV.RS showcased an Avatar Dressing Room powered by a DressX Virtual Try-On (VTO) and The Fabricant virtual Fashion wearables. Let’s take a closer look at this collaboration and its added value to the Web3 industry during the Paris Blockchain Week.

A METAV.RS wearable for the PBW 2023

First, what is the Paris Blockchain Week about?

The Paris Blockchain Week, following its previous year great success, has firmly established itself a premier event in the blockchain industry. This annual gathering is a melting pot for entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and business executives who are dedicated in building the future of the web.

The Paris Blockchain Week is poised to be a hub of activity for over 10,000 people interested in the latest developments in blockchain technology.  to share their knowledge, learn from others, and conduct business. The event promises to be a platform for conceive together, network, and do business. It provides a platform for participants to establish valuable connections, build future business partnerships and proceed with collaborations.

The Paris Blockchain Week is where the people converge to shape the future of the web. And the impact of the ideas generated during this event reverberates throughout the blockchain industry. Talking about individuals committed to driving progress in the blockchain industry, let’s talk about the collaboration of three strong Web3 brands which are shaping the future of the Digital Fashion.

The Fashion Luxury Booth powered by METAV.RS at the PBW

This collaboration brought for the first time three prominent Web3 houses, gathered to provide such innovative activations. Guests at the event were thrilled to visit this booth and experience this unique blend of fashion and Web3 technology. This Fashion Luxury Booth held by METAV.RS showcased an array of virtual luxury fashion items, allowing visitors to try on virtual clothing and immerse themselves in the world of blockchain. This partnership highlighted the exciting possibilities of Web3 fashion and demonstrates how advanced tools can transform the fashion industry.

Immersive activations METAV.RS collaborations brought to the table for the PBW 2023

At the Paris Blockchain week 2023 (PBW 2023), METAV.RS, DressX and The Fabricant were masters of everything around immersive virtual fashion experiences. This activation was a huge success.

At the Fashion luxury corner of the PBW, visitors were treated to a unique fashion experience that was made possible by DressX and The Fabricant wearables. The experience included a Virtual try-on (VTO) where visitors could see the digital fashion assets in augmented reality and even dress their avatars using the METAV.RS Virtual Dressing room. All of this was displayed on screens throughout the digital fashion corner, creating a seamless blend of the virtual and real worlds. The effect was twofold.

  • The Virtual Dressing Room with DressX and the Fabricant wearables

Using Augmented Reality technology, the virtual dressing room provided by METAV.RS could be accessed directly from smartphones, offering users a highly realistic and immersive experience. Users were able to try on wearables on an avatar in the 3D room, providing them with a unique opportunity to experience Web3 Native Vertical brands assets. The aim of this feature was to offer users dedicated spaces where they could try on these wearables in virtual.

The Fabricant wearables on a METAV.RS avatar

  • The Virtual Try-On by DressX

With Virtual Try On, users were able to interact with digital items in a more tactile way, creating an immersive experience. Augmented Reality played a key role in creating interactive designs that could respond to the user’s movements and environment. This resulted in fashion wearables that felt truly lifelike.

How could your brand benefit from such activations?

Besides boosting awareness and attracting more attention to your brand at events, these activations can really meet your business objectives. If you are starting to notice some shortages in current engament tools and you are willing to elevate your brand’s online shopping experience, those virtual activations could be the perfect fit for your brand.

A Virtual Dressing Room combined with a Virtual Try-on (VTO) technology will provide your customers with a fully immersive experience. This allows them to interact with your products in 3D, try on NFT wearables on their avatar and even on themselves through the VTO.  They can as well try physical products in augmented reality directly from their home, either a watch or a shirt. By leveraging the power of a Virtual Dressing Room and Augmented Reality, you can create a more engaging, memorable, and realistic shopping experience that will keep your customers coming back for more.


DressX is a unique marketplace that sells digital clothing designed in-house as well as in partnership with renowned brands. It features a vast selection of high-end brands and exclusive limited-edition releases. The Web3 platform allows users to wear their purchased wearables virtually, utilizing photo montage technology. DressX is revolutionizing multi-brand fashion consumption through digital wearables and collectibles, offering a novel and exciting experience to its audience.

METAV.RS has previously collaborated with DressX, at the last year PBW, which included the Paris NFT Day. We both provided visitors with an immersive virtual fashion experience, featuring a fashion show of avatars dressed in 3D NFT wearables. The fashion show was presented in Augmented Reality on their booth, followed by an exclusive NFT drop that enabled visitors to test their NFT in Augmented Reality before making a purchase.

DRESSX collaboration with METAV.RS Digital Fashion in 2022

About the Fabricant

The Fabricant is a pioneering digital fashion house that is revolutionizing the fashion industry by leading the charge towards a new frontier of digital-only clothing. Their ethos revolves around co-creating the wardrobe of the metaverse, participating in the decentralized fashion industry by providing creators with the tools they need to create, trade and wear digital fashion.

This Web3 brand enables digital assets and wearables holders to create and trade digital fashion collections. By combining their expertise in fashion design with blockchain technology, they are spearheading the growth of the decentralized fashion industry, opening up new possibilities for creativity, innovation and collaboration.

With a strong focus on sustainability, The Fabricant is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry by promoting digital-only clothing as a viable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fashion.


METAV.RS is an all-in-one SaaS platform, a white-label solution for creating and managing digital asset collections or NFTs, and branded 3D universes on the web, in order to design enriched experiences, and boost engagement for brand communities. METAV.RS eases the deployment of NFT collections, manages the related utilities, and display them in an immersive way directly on the brand’s website. It also provides access to a personalized dashboard that allows to follow the performance of the actions undertaken, either the engagement or the revenues generated with these digital assets.

Brands and agencies are provided with a suite of integrated applications allowing them to manage their own virtual worlds called Minivers. The user can discover these branded universes in an immersive way, interact with numerous elements and purchase digital branded assets (NFTs) especially using a Virtual Showroom. In a nutshell, METAV.RS is a no-code solution that facilitates access to brands and agencies to Web3 and Metaverse.

Crafting amazing Web3 experiences at the PBW 2023

Paris Blockchain Week showcased that the French capital remains a vital hub for the Web3 ecosystem. For brands, it offers a unique opportunity to provide their customers with an innovative and fresh experience. By blending fashion with the metaverse and reality, a plethora of creative and immersive experiences are generated for users.

The fusion of fashion and Web3 creates endless possibilities for novel and unexpected collaborations, as exemplified during PBW, with more to come in the near future.