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Mastering Growth Marketing for Web3: Insights from Benjamin Sebagh, Co-founder of bl0X

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Growth Marketing for Web3 projects is a rapidly evolving field that demands a deep understanding of the crypto landscape and innovative marketing strategies.

In this exclusive interview, Benjamin Sebagh, Co-founder of bl0X, shares invaluable insights and expert tips for brands venturing into the Web3 and crypto space. With bl0X’s specialization in acquisition and a track record of successful campaigns, Benjamin sheds light on the agency’s unique approach, the challenges faced when working with traditional and luxury brands, and how to develop impactful content for various platforms. Let’s jump into the world of Web3 marketing and uncover the secrets to driving growth in this dynamic industry.

Tell us about bl0X. What is its origin, and how does it differ from other Web3 and crypto marketing agencies?

bl0X is not an opportunistic agency that emerged during the latest bull market in 2021. To understand the agency’s story, we must talk about its founder, Jérémy Bendayan. In 2019, he created a French crypto media called, which quickly became the leading French-language media platform with 1.5 million monthly users. Jérémy, my partner, realized that Web3 advertisers were highly tech-focused but lacked expertise in marketing and media. With over 10 years of experience in marketing and communication, he founded bl0X with the ambition to help Web3 brands communicate in a less geeky manner to reach a wider audience.

bl0X is a specialized agency in growth marketing for Web3 projects. The difference from other agencies is that bl0X is solely focused on acquisition. The agency concentrates exclusively on the growth of its clients’ communities, based on three pillars:

  • Community management on Twitter & Discord
  • Creation of video content (snack content)
  • Influencer marketing and media buying

This market is still very young, and many agencies offer a wide range of services to grab a share of the budget. That is not the vision of our agency; we strive to remain highly specialized.

Can you share some of the most successful campaigns you have managed for clients in the Web3 and crypto space?

As mentioned in the previous question, bl0X focuses on the acquisition aspect. Naturally, acquisition involves ICO strategies, NFT sales, and product launches.

We have supported over a hundred projects since the agency’s inception a little over a year ago. Some of the notable clients we have worked with include Ledger, Bybit, Paraswap, Stables (PMU), Everai, Lacoste, and Request.

Among our notable successes in ICOs, we had the Cardashift fundraising with $15 million raised and the international fundraising for Lordtoken, also with $15 million raised.

Growth Marketing for Web3: STABLES Web3 Program
Growth Marketing for Web3: STABLES Web3 Program

In terms of NFT sales, we can highlight the successful fundraising for Everai with $7 million and, more recently, Stables with just under $700,000 (the PMU project during a bear market on Tezos).

Lastly, we are proud to have successfully launched the social network KlubX and generated over 100,000 users on the beta version of its application.

How do you approach creating engaging and impactful content for non-Web3 “native” platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok?

Each platform is different, but we primarily focus on Twitter and Discord, which are Web3 channels. Twitter is more geared towards acquisition, so we communicate regularly and create the FOMO (fear of missing out) effect. On the other hand, Discord is a channel for community engagement and loyalty. Therefore, we strive to be transparent with the communities to better retain them for our clients.

Web3 brands communicate less on TikTok and Instagram because it is generally frowned upon. In 2021, during the NFT bull market, many scams circulated on these platforms, and now investors are wary.

bl0X works with traditional and luxury brands in the Web3 and crypto space. What obstacles have you encountered, and how have you helped overcome these difficulties?

The luxury market is complex and highly concerned with its image. The Web3 world is not always viewed favorably, so luxury brands prefer to embrace these innovations discreetly.

We mainly encounter obstacles related to:

  • Brand image: The wording and identity of Growth Marketing for Web3 projects must respect the brands we work with.
  • Strategy: Does the Web3 project align with the ambition and direction of the brand?

Luxury brands have more questions and concerns compared to other Web2 brands. For them, it is not just a matter of money but also positioning. Will Web3 harm their image? Are their future clients found within this new economy?

bl0X regularly supports luxury brands through workshops at the beginning of projects to ensure that all these questions are addressed. This helps avoid unpleasant surprises.

Growth Marketing for Web3: Lacoste UNDW3 Web3 Program
Growth Marketing for Web3: Lacoste UNDW3 Program

How do you help brands develop a marketing strategy that incorporates Web3 principles while maintaining a strong brand equity/identity?

bl0X is part of the group, a specialized digital marketing group that supports over 600 clients in Web2-related challenges. Thus, bl0X can navigate between both the Web2 and Web3 worlds.

This reassures brands and instills trust in our long-term partnership.


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