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Le Bristol: First Hotel in France to Launch a NFT Collection

METAV.RS / Le Bristol: First Hotel in France to Launch a NFT Collection
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Digital assets aka NFTs have emerged as a new tool for hotels to engage travelers and tourists, expand brand awareness and generate new revenue streams. Le Bristol was amongst the first few hospitality groups in the world, and the first in France, to launch their own NFT collection. 

Le Bristol had one clear vision and ambition in their head when they decided to launch their Web3 club- to transform the way that customers interact with the brand and enhance their experience by establishing itself as a major Web3 player.  They wished to “shake up the codes of the luxury hospitality industry” and they certainly did so by launching their Web3 exclusive club “L’H3RITAGE CLUB” which gave access to “money can’t buy” experiences to the 11 NFT owners. 

Bristol Unlocked: 11 NFT Keys

The first phase started in April 2023 with the release of the first NFT collection “Le Bristol Unlocked” . This drop was meant to cater to the elite and thus to maintain their exclusivity, the heritage hotel only supplied 11 NFT. These NFTs were in the shape of a key, as an ode to “unlocking experiences” and could be minted for 8 ETH each. 

Le Bristol NFT key in Web3


The minted NFT owners were able to enter the exclusive Web3 club which offered new ways to perceive and live the iconic hotel. For this purpose, Le Bristol was clear from day one that they wanted to assign utilities to their NFTs and not merely have artistic NFTs which would have no real value associated with them. The perks were based on what Bristol does best – excellence, savoir-faire, and gastronomy. There were 2 types of perks – some common utilities for all NFTs and 1 additional exclusive “experience” per NFT.  

The common benefits to all NFT holders were:

  • Access to the swimming pool for 2 people once a week
  • Access to a “secret” dish at Café Antonia by Eric Frechon that would be changed seasonally. 
  • Access to a “secret” cocktail menu at the Bar du Bristol for 4 people.

An exclusive experience was assigned to each NFT. It could only be redeemed once and had a validity of 1 year. Some of  these perks were:

  • A spa experience at Le Bristol, complete with private swimming pool, aquatic massage, music, and champagne.
  • Chocolate “Masterclass” in the palace chocolate factory to discover its excellent work.
  • Private tour of the vineyard, followed by a wine tasting.
  • Cooking master class in the 3 Michelin Star restaurant’s kitchen.
  • Barbecue on the rooftop terrace of our Signature suite “Suite Terrasse”

These NFTs could be resold to give the new owner the opportunity to enjoy these privileges but the redeemed experience would not be available to them.

Media Attention Garnered

The reveal party hosted by the hotel in March 2023 was a nice touch and garnered a lot of attention from the media, due to the heritage and brand name of the hotel. The Web3 page was also released and made the mint page quite accessible for customers due to a direct link available on the website. The NFT announcement led to huge organic public relations for the company due to press articles in prominent news sites like Forbes and Coins.

Press of Le Bristol NFT

This was further supplemented by complimentary press through people on social media. People interested in luxury and hospitality and even Web3 users hailed praises for Le Bristol’s metaverse entry and created positive word of mouth. Le Bristol’s social media pages gained a lot of impressions and increased further visibility for the brand globally. 

METAV.RS x Le Bristol

The hotel brand wanted to be innovative in their Web3 entry and chose METAV.RS to utilize their tech to bring “Bristol Unlocked” to life. METAV.RS was the smart tech solution for the deployment of these NFTs and also installed KYC software to help Le Bristol cater to French legal requirements. 

In short, the integration of utility NFTs in the hospitality industry, as demonstrated by the groundbreaking initiative of Le Bristol Paris, is reshaping the guest experience and opening up new possibilities for hotels worldwide. If you’re considering the deployment of your own NFT collection, look no further than METAV.RS. By leveraging our Utility Manager, you can effortlessly associate utilities with your NFTs, a strategic move to recruit and engage with new audiences from Gen Z and Millenials.

But that’s not all,  METAV.RS not only has the capabilities to launch NFT collections but is also a solution for immersive showrooms. As a tech provider and white-label solution, METAV.RS excels in creating immersive showrooms seamlessly integrated into e-commerce websites, accessible on any device (laptop,  smartphone etc.), without the need for additional applications.

With our solution, you can elevate your brand representation to new heights, offering virtual shopping experiences, replicating the charm of a pop-up store, and infusing gamification into the mix with digital collectibles and dressing rooms.