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Lufthansa’s Innovative Web3 NFT Loyalty Program

METAV.RS / Lufthansa’s Innovative Web3 NFT Loyalty Program
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While the aviation industry has been vocal about recognising the transformative potential of Web3 technologies, Lufthansa went one step further by launching an NFT Loyalty Program called “Uptrip” in August 2023.  It is developed in collaboration with Miles and More and built on Polygon, an Ethereum Layer 2 network. Uptrip allows loyal customers to convert their flights into rewards. Customers flying any of the group’s airlines (including Austrian Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, and others) can scan their boarding passes on the app and exchange them for digital trading cards.

Lufthansa trading cards for Uptrip NFT program Lufthansa procedure for Uptrip NFT program.

Transforming Flights into NFT Collectibles

Every Uptrip trading card can be minted as a unique NFT on the Polygon blockchain and is saved on the blockchain for eternity. Each collection requires different cards to be completed, which in turn provide unique rewards such as free in-flight Wi-Fi, lounge access, and flight upgrades. The cards are based on popular travel destinations, like Salt Lake City, Lisbon, Bogotá, Frankfurt, New York, etc., aircraft used in the airlines’ respective fleets, such as Airbus A320,  Boeing 747 and Embraer 190, and even specific holidays like NYE.

Successful Soft Launch and Enthusiastic Response

The program was soft-launched in March 2023 and tested with about 20,000 users, who all collected a total of about 200,000 trading cards.

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Christopher Siegloch, Head of Program Development Miles & More, said: “We are delighted to see so much interest in Uptrip. Gamification elements introduce participants to Web3 technologies such as NFTs in a fun way. Furthermore, we have managed to transfer the enthusiasm for collecting that people know from trading card booklets into a digital space […] Together with our customers, we are testing and developing another exciting feature in the Miles & More universe.”

Upcoming Uptrip Marketplace

In the final quarter of 2023, Lufthansa plans to launch The Uptrip marketplace. Here, passengers will be able to interact with other travelers via the app and exchange cards to complete collections more quickly. A Broader spectrum of rewards will also be available to the users. With Uptrip, Miles & More reaches new members and deepens the relationship with existing ones.

METAV.RS can help your brand connect to a wider set of audience with the launch of your own Gamified Loyalty program powered by Digital Collectibles (NFT), just like it did for Le Bristol and Indosuez.  It provides a seamless white-label solution for the brands to enter Web3, including establishing the brand’s own NFT Utility Management platform.

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