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METAV.RS selected for the Prestigious 2023 LVMH Innovation Award

METAV.RS / METAV.RS selected for the Prestigious 2023 LVMH Innovation Award
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Paris, France, May 10th 2023 – METAV.RS, the innovative all-in-one Web3 platform focused on transforming customer engagement and relationships for premium brands, is excited to announce its selection for the distinguished 2023 LVMH Innovation Award. This prestigious nomination highlights the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the luxury and retail industries by catering to the growing needs of Generation Z.

LVMH shortlists METAV.RS for the 2023 Innovation Award

Firstly, being a finalist for the 2023 LVMH Innovation Award is no easy task. Only 18 innovative startups among 1300 participants will get the chance to present their solution on the LVMH Lab at Vivatech 2023. The finalists had to prove  that they can play an active role in LVMH’s ecosystem and deliver their product or service on a large scale by supporting the Group’s legacy of excellence and innovation in all areas of its 6 business sectors.

This is a new milestone for the start-up already working for LVMH, Westfield, Stellantis and other major retailers and which has been accelerated by Farfetch in 2022. 

Revolutionizing Customer Experience and Brand Strategy with Web3

METAV.RS allows marketing and innovation teams from brands and agencies to deploy NFT collections, assign value by associating utilities and rewards, monitor activity through dashboards, and showcase their work on a dedicated white-label website. By bridging gaming, social, and e-commerce, the platform also enables the creation of immersive spaces that redirect users to various brand experiences, including virtual environments and physical activations.

This technology offers a wide range of applications, such as new loyalty programs unlocking rewards, brand community building through NFTs, gamification of customer journeys, digital twins, and immersive presentations of brands through virtual showrooms or WebAR experiences. It is a truly versatile toolkit that places community engagement at the heart of the customer experience.

A new Milestone for the Web3 Platform

Being selected for the LVMH Innovation Award signifies a significant milestone for the French Startup, as it confirms its relevance to the challenges faced by the LVMH Group and its Maisons. As a finalist, METAV.RS will have the opportunity to:

  1. Participate in the LVMH Innovation Award Ceremony: METAV.RS will be given the unique opportunity to present on VivaTech‘s biggest stage, surrounded by LVMH’s top management and tech experts. They will also have the chance to meet Livi, LVMH’s virtual face of innovation.
  2. Be present on the LVMH Lab as finalists: METAV.RS will take the global spotlight on the LVMH Lab, the most visited area during VivaTech and benefit from extensive PR coverage. They will meet industry stakeholders and gain unique exposure within LVMH innovation communities to identify business opportunities.


“We are incredibly proud and honored to be nominated for the LVMH Innovation Award. This recognition validates our dedication to offering Web3 cutting-edge solutions for the luxury and retail industries. The benefits of being a finalist will undoubtedly help us to reach new heights and explore exciting business opportunities within the LVMH and Luxury ecosystem.”



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