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3D NFT– Why it makes sense to make it?

METAV.RS / 3D NFT– Why it makes sense to make it?
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3D NFT has shown the way. Whether it is about Beeple collection sold at $ 69.3 million, or Cryptopunks, Cryptokitties, it is likely to anyone to grasp NFT growing popularity.

This is the reason why many brands are already intending to establish themselves in this cryptographic landscape, where the value of a digital good is verified, certified and indisputable. If NFT field is gaining more and more momentum, we must above all pay more attention to the most fashionable NFT format, precisely the one that fits more into the current digital century: 3D.

3D- The ideal format for NFT

Metaverse has been tremendously popular recently, and puts 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) on a pedestal. If Metaverse is characteristic of a present and a very near future, the result is that brands will necessarily need to optimize their creations in terms of NFT, in particular by privileging 3D format. 3D ultimately turns out to be “THE” best way for brands to adopt NFT creations, because this format will in any case allow a more faithful, more tangible representation, in more detail, of what we have and want to offer to a consumer.

More interactive NFT with 3D

In the coming years, it is important to imagine interactions that are more settled in the virtual world. Metaverse, according to Mark Zuckerberg, will have a great place in the construction of social links, which will tend to popularize Virtual Reality more than it already is. VR headsets that are already heavily marketed are adapting to merer use.

We are no longer on purely fun accessories, offering video games in Virtual Reality, we are also, if not further, on more ordinary visual experiences. The user through his VR headset can quite simply find himself in more down to earth worlds (ending up in New York city for example), or in a museum or a virtual library. In this context, the idea of ​​a virtual museum is very revealing, since one can quickly imagine a museum dedicated to artistic NFTs for instance, a kind of web space where everyone, with their VR headset can enjoy a work of art, a 3D NFT creation.

An example of 3D NFT

METAV.RS has realized at the beginning of the 2022 year a sold out of its very first Genesis Elements Avatars NFT collection. This was an exemple of 3D NFT power. In addition to mixing the Elements Avatars in Augmented Reality, these NFTs represented some type of bridge between reality and Metaverse, and allowed whoever owns them to be part of the closed circle of these NFT holders as well as getting many advantages.

3D NFTs still stands as “The” way of doing NFTs, both in terms of digital format and content. This type of NFT deeply enriches the user experience and gives the user the chance to interact with its avatar, both in Metaverse and in real world thanks to Augmented Reality. METAV.RS has now dedicated its offer to Fashion brands and retailers, in order to enable the creation of outstanding and premium metaverse experiences.

A 3D Element NFT Avatar parading

An enriched virtual experience with 3D

3D has an undoubtedly greater immersion capacity than 2D. A 3D designed NFT is easy to handle, is almost palpable and extends the virtual experience of its user or holder. This type of brand NFT gives the opportunity to impress its end users.

A very good quality 3D production will further intensify the consumer’s need to get himself the NFT in question, because he will have in front of him a product so visually attractive, that he will naturally feel the need to buy it. An NFT remains a product, and a product must be attractive before the eyes of its consumers to be sold faster.

Going beyond 2D limits

The problem with a 2D NFT creation is that it only offers a fixed shot. It is not possible to visualize it from different angles or views, to get a complete object overview. A 3D NFT creation solves this pitfall. What is better than a possibility to contemplate a virtual object from all angles, with 3D format which makes this experience more interactive and vivid ?

This is the case with Nike brand, which through its NFT sneakers collection, offered its users the chance of trying virtual shoes thanks to Augmented Reality. 3D coupled with Augmented Reality will make possible more vivid experience of a purchased NFT.

In addition to being able to try the product virtually, a user can also integrate this NFT into an online video game. In this case and especially thanks to the NFT uniqueness trait, the player can make his Fortnite avatar wear, for example, a virtual and unique Nike sneakers. It is a sign of exclusivity, wealth, pride.

This paradigm is unfortunately much less feasible with 2D designed NFTs. Another real advantage of 3D over 2D in terms of NFT is also the possibility with 3D to obtain a multitude of 2D images. The 3D format ultimately makes it easier to obtain a myriad of 2D images on several views, which is not possible to do conversely with a 2D creation.