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NFT for good: 5 projects with positive impact

METAV.RS / NFT for good: 5 projects with positive impact
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A lot of people disregard the positive impact of some NFT projects. They tend to believe NFTs are just about making money. Since this word became viral, it has gone through a lot of misconceptions.

The uniqueness of an NFT can’t be denied for sure. It is by nature a digital certificate validated with the blockchain mechanism which provides the evidence that one’s dematerialized possession belongs to its only owner.

As of now, several brands have always created a lot of great customers experiences around NFTs. However, some branded NFTs projects have been able to come with an overall positive impact, which were not to serve the brand or its users, but a greater cause. We have listed 5 NFTs projects with positive impact in terms of CSR, environment, charity or even inclusion.

Inclusion – An NFT positive impact

NFT projects around inclusion are growing in number. This is due to the fact that men are very present in this sector. Here are two projects that promote the voice of women in the Web3.

Fearless Girl NFT project for women inclusion

This NFT comes from a statue erected in honor of women by Uruguayan sculptor Kristen Visbal. The original work of this non-fungible token embodied the desire for women’s empowerment, education, advancement to positions of high responsibility, gender equality and wages, and most importantly, female fulfillment in general. Although this NFT collection is being used to pay the legal fees of the author wrongly charged with trademark infringement, these dematerialized assets raise a major issue in the crypto world. According to the media Coin Telegraph, only 5% of women own NFTs. The ambition of this project is thus to attract women to the web3, in that they are the audience most likely to appreciate and carry the message expressed by the original work and the NFTs: to fight for equality in a world ruled by men.
Fearless girl NFT

World of Women as NFT project with positive impact

In the same spirit of inclusion, the World of Women (WoW) NFT project aims to rebalance the gender balance in the Web3 and NFT space, where women are underrepresented. This project also seeks to empower minorities in general and promote equal opportunity. 15% of all primary sales of these NFTs are dedicated to the WoW Fund, which supports movements for the education and integration of women and minorities within the NFT and Web3. Recently, the metaverse The SandBox joined this NFT project in order to accelerate the representation of women in metaverses. This decentralized metaverse will donate $25 million to the project to support its equal opportunity initiatives.
World of women NFT collection

Positive NFTs projects around climate change issues

Climate change remains a hot topic on which many brands are trying to make a difference. Here are some examples of NFT projects that deliver climate value and a positive impact.

NFBees – a Carrefour NFT project with great purposes

The Carrefour brand unveils its first collection of NFTs on the theme of bee protection. Contracted and collectable from the supermarket in question, these 15 NFBees are available for The SandBox metaverse. The brand has chosen this NFT theme because it represents the encounter, the “crossroads” between the pollinating bee and the fruit. It is therefore the highlighting of the probability of disappearance of certain fruits and vegetables if the bees were to disappear. Through the NFBees, Carrefour is trying to raise consumer awareness of the importance of bees for biodiversity and the environment. This NFT project is relevant because the funds obtained from the sale of these NFTs will be totally entrusted to Beefound of the Fondation de France which fights for the preservation of bees. Each of these NFTs is sold at 5 SAND, the equivalent of 15€, so that they are affordable and accessible. The brand also offers a fun educational course in the form of a game about bees on the metaverse The SandBox. A How to rock with bees and fight for your planet with a French Touch NFT with positive impact!
NFBees by Carrefour

Ocean Front – NFT with positive impact by Beeple aka Mike Winklemann

Beeple’s Ocean Front is an emblematic creation that tends to carry a message about the climate emergency. The aesthetic of this art, mixing container and oily ocean, highlights the oil catastrophes. Sold for $6,000,000, the proceeds from this NFT were donated to the Open Earth Foundation, which advocates against climate change. The artist Beeple in collaboration with other Web3 artists such as Andrés Reisinger, Refik Anadol, Sara Ludy and Kyle Gordon have created the Social Alpha Foundation, a charitable organization whose profits are donated to the Open Earth Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to help reduce the carbon footprint of energy-intensive technology infrastructures and develop digital means to support the energy transition under the Paris Climate Agreement.
Ocean Front NFT by Beeple

NFTs projects for Peace and cultural heritage preservation

Last but not least are the actions in defense of peace. In a context so shaken by geopolitical and imperialist conflicts, the NFT can also be a means of expression and defense of peace. Here is an exemple of NFT with positive impact.

Free Ukraine Foundation for Ukraine peace

In collaboration with NFT premium design studio Mint Werx, the Free Ukraine Foundation has launched a collection of 3 NFTs related to material works of art. These high-value NFTs are the work of Ukrainian artist and photographer Artem Shestakov. These NFTs were sold on May 25, 2022 during a charity event organized by the said foundation in partnership with Mriya Art Mission, a movement aimed at preserving the national and cultural heritage of Ukraine. The funds obtained from the sale of these NFTs will be used for many initiatives: to support Ukraine shaken by war and foreign occupation, to promote freedom and peace within the country and to defend the territory and cultural heritage and rebuild it.

Several other NFTs for Ukraine has been issued recently such as Mauer.Digital and The Sandbox “We Stand with Ukraine ” NFTs.


The progressive democratization of NFTs opens the way to infinite possibilities. But those projects underline the fact that brands can be willing to pursue societal commitment on their way to Web3 spaces. It is for sure one of the best ways to capture, use the whole NFT potential and create positive impact. METAV.RS is a way for brands to create valuable NFTs that will increase the brand image and societal commitment.