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NFT Wearables: what value in Digital Fashion?

METAV.RS / NFT Wearables: what value in Digital Fashion?
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NFT Wearables are becoming the way for Fashion brands to interact with their customers in metaverses platforms. Metaverse Fashion Week showed how digital clothing is gaining momentum and how virtual clothing will soon be part of many people’s wardrobe.

NFT wearables- what makes them different from wearables?

Originally, wearables are associated to connected pieces of hardware users can wear in real life. They usually refer to accessories or electronic garments such as a smartwatch or smart glasses, directly connected to a given device (smartphones, computer, etc). Unlike virtual clothing, wearables are often designed to fetch the user’s data or how they interact with the place they live in.

NFT wearables, on the other hand, refer to the virtual outfit a user’s avatar can be dressed with in virtual universes or metaverses. They are as well accessories used for garment purposes such as pans, bags, hats, shirts, etc. What is special about NFT wearables is that the comfort of the host is not privileged. It is therefore possible for the avatar to wear absolutely anything, according to the wishes of its user.

In proto or centralized and non-blockchain metaverses, wearables are associated to “skins”, a game outfit or item which changes the look or morphology of an avatar. In the online game Fortnite for instance, skins are commonly known as aesthetic items that players can purchase in the game. Users can get them by unlocking game levels or challenges, or by shopping and paying in V-Bucks.

However, what makes the difference with NFT wearables is all the uses that emerge for the greatest benefit of the user. NFT wearables instead of just making available some digital garments for the avatar, will also allow the user to wear thanks to technologies such as Augmented reality, those virtual clothes. This latter can possibly get two versions of just one single item: one In Real Life, and the other one for the metaverse.

With the tamper-proof character and the uniqueness of the NFT wearable, creators or users can explore more evolved paths of expression. It is also a way for them to monetize their creations, which are secured and authenticated thanks to the blockchain system.

NFT wearables- why it’s a must in digital fashion

In the metaverse, the limits of physics are stretched to the breaking point. It is possible to fulfil needs for fashion by turning everyday items into NFT wearables. Talking about them in digital fashion is firstly nimble, or envision the possible wearable applications and products in Web3 spaces. It is imagining NFT wearables in a variety of gaming contexts and what can make them make them special or unique.

This can happen because with those latter, we are exploring a customized future where wearable tech is just as necessary. But those wearable designs aren’t limited to what the outer world looks like: they can change who the user is on the inside too. Because being well dressed in real life is just like having the nicest garment in the metaverse.
Digital Fashion by House of Republiqe

It’s no secret that brands are looking to step into a new frontier of digital interactions with their customers. Creating a vibrant platform providing digital experiences and ownership for users will help brands extend their image and products. Therefore, they can reach as well as improve the customer experience with new interactive technology.

NFT wearables as essential components of metaverses

Consumers are increasingly opting for virtual purchases. With wearables, the meta fashion will shift to an entirely new level by reinventing the entire NFT experience. The utility of wearables and their seamless context-aware capabilities is yet to be explored and METAV.RS is to provide answers with this technology. Wearables can also enhance the interaction between brands and their customers by anticipating their needs. Consumers will be able to experience the tangible and digital world in an unprecedented way.

NFT wearables give to customers the opportunity to create, share and sell their custom digital assets. It also involves meeting their constant shifting needs with beautiful designs and highest level of customization at hand.

Virtual try-on with NFT wearables

NFT wearables are not just accessories, but also aim to maximize the wearer’s virtual experience. METAV.RS provides a unique solution for fashion brands in order to partner with Metaverse entities and offer their customers an immersive experience through 3D or Augmented Reality.

NFT wearables enable consumers to try on their favorite outfit by using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Users will benefit from the ability to interact between NFT and AR, making it possible for brands to provide design products and have an uncommon level of control over their brand products and designs. Moreover, they provide users with a unique way to experience fashion as well as an interactive way to enjoy their digital possessions and engage with brands.

Customization capacity with NFT wearables

NFT wearables can mean a great deal for anyone wishing to push the boundaries of an already expanding space. Users may let their imagination go wild if they appreciate the concept. To create their own NFT wearable, users just need to make them with their own design, color and further customization.

They can make a new form of jewelry or fashion item with their own appearance and style. They will be able to take advantage of the features of this new trend, while still using their creativity to make something they are passionate about.

Designed to pleasure the end-user

  • Creativity: The first step toward making fashion more accessible to everyone is the creation of wearable NFTs, which are not limited to the physical world like fabric. These garments can be designed in unconventional materials such as fire, water or smoke. This opens up a wide palette of possibilities for original garments and concepts.
  • Affordability: Fashion is often aspirational, but not for everyone. This is where NFTs come in, offering new ways to achieve style that are attainable to all and affordable for many.

It is clear that fashion trends come and go, but with wearable NFTs, creators can set their design in stone and even make the best of it. With a fresh look, all fashions items are accessible to everybody. Most people can relate to wanting a particular design but not being able to afford it. With wearable NFTs, not only is fashion fresh and unique, the prices tend to be quite affordable too. This opens up accessibility to all ranges of metaverse users. Accessibility also extends to new designers who can get a fair shot at entering a world that can be hard to break into in the real world.

NFT wearables give the user the ability to create whatever they imagine and wear it at all times. They give makers a new set of tools and possibilities.

  • Neutral in gender: Users love their avatars, but sometimes they don’t fit them exactly. They can never have too many options when it comes to beauty and body types. But with wearable NFTs, they can be sure that they are getting the custom-made look that they have always wished for.

From digital sales to tangible benefits

An NFT wearable is not merely a novelty, but an innovation that addresses the issue of NFT by generating new sources of revenue, both for users and brands.

Getting royalties

NFT wearables are a new frontier for fashion brands. By co-owning their works in the metaverse, fashion brands can exploit wearability as a way to enhance their reach, give back to their community of fans, and enter new revenue streams. NFT Wearables are the next level in fashion, allowing users to customize their clothing or accessories. Users can buy rights to wear and sell designs they create, meaning every time an NFT is sold, they gets a piece of revenue. This applies more to the brand than to its users, but the point is that both parties are winners.

An alternative to waste

NFTs can pull double duty as a wearable and a piece of art, presenting positive environmental impact. In many ways, wearables are preferable to mass manufacturing and overproduction because they reduce the need for buying clothes that don’t fit or don’t look good on you. They also help to reduce waste in landfills while creating a way to return physical items directly in exchange for virtual goods. The problem of fast fashion has been a long-standing issue and led to the use of a large number of resources and emissions, which was until now always being accepted as normal. NFTs are changing this usual paradigm by being a sustainable solution to wearables and reducing waste.

Is an avatar mandatory in case of holding NFT wearables in the metaverse?

Avatars are the representation of a person in the digital world, that can be used on metaverses or in games. They can be very personalized and made to look like the user. Avatars are often represented by a cartoon-like character with eyes, emoticons and clothing to represent their owner.

Traditional avatars are just as much an image as a digital representation. But in the past, digital avatars have also played a more powerful role as interfaces to communication with other gamers: it was almost impossible to talk to someone in-game without needing an avatar. Currently, they allow users to project themselves into virtual worlds so they can interact with each other more directly.

An avatar will incorporate the link between the real user and their virtual presence. Making an avatar wear an apparel the real user would be unable to wear in real life or to afford, that’s what NFT wearables are all about.

Having virtual clothing is finally not so different from having them In Real Life. The metaverse being an extension of the physical world, it is logical to feel the need to own virtual goods as well, especially wearables. So NFT wearables represent a bond between what a user holds in both virtual and physical world.

NFT wearables can be a powerful way to stay connected with your brand. METAV.RS provides a complete end-to-end solution for brands looking to introduce their NFTs into the digital universe including converting designs into digital assets and showing where audiences can wear, purchase and interact with these NFT wearables.

Some NFT wearables Native brands and marketplaces

In the world of virtual fashion, we see metaverses opting for partnerships with renowned brands or digital artists, which is reflected in the fashion worn by the models.

The Fabricant

The Fabricant is an Amsterdam-based digital fashion house that’s been paving the way for NFTs in fashion by pioneering the use of blockchain technology. With an edgy aesthetic, this virtual brand has collaborated on many high-profile projects with the likes of Puma, Buffalo London and Iris Van Herpen.
The Fabricant Studio collaborates with Puma brand


Republiqe’s wearable NFTs are the world’s first digital-only fashion brand, giving you access to killer designs that look just as good on your avatar as they do on your body. Their digital tailoring team ensures you find the perfect fit for your orders. As the world’s first fashion platform to offer style-ethically made NFT’s that are tailored to fit the individual, you can now get your own custom-made Republiqe wearables for a fraction of their normal retail price and on select events
Republiqe brand_Singapore


DressX is a marketplace retailing digital clothing designed both in-house and in partnership with reputed brands. It offers a wide range of high end brands as well as limited-edition releases as part of its partnership with

DressX collaboration with METAV.RS_Digital Fashion

It’s hard to not feel inspired by the limitless possibilities of NFTs and their ability to allow users to create the ideal avatar. From the way they represent our personalities and choices, to how they can be customized and made even more individualized, it seems like NFTs are going to become an increasingly popular feature when interacting with digital spaces.

It’s a new era of digital fashion, and METAV.RS is here to help you unlock the immense potential of this emerging technology. We are your partners in creating the next generation of NFT wearables, while seamlessly strategizing future workflow with our tech partners.