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Digital Drives: Porsche’s Web3 Journey into NFTs

METAV.RS / Digital Drives: Porsche’s Web3 Journey into NFTs
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There might not be a substitute for Porsche but for people who don’t wish to invest so much in a car, can now instead own a NFT of the brand’s iconic cars. Porsche entered Web3 in 2023 and has already made some bold initiatives in the ecosystem. Through its recent forays into digital art, NFTs, and immersive AR experiences, Porsche is not just transforming the automotive landscape but also redefining how luxury car enthusiasts and consumers interact with and experience the brand in a rapidly evolving digital age.

Entering Web3 via NFT launch

Porsche’s NFT collection was announced in November 2022 in Miami’s Art Basel event and was based on the classic Porsche 911. The drop was initially limited to 7500 pieces but has been cut to 2336 pieces, making the Web3 debut even more exclusive than the number of available cars.The NFTs were priced at a premium of 0.911 ETH and were released in four phases, starting on January 23 in the morning and followed by a public mint few hours later. The phases were strategically planned to give minting access to the following NFT holders:

  • Phase 1: For those holding a Porsche POAP (proof-of-attendance-protocol) and partner NFT, and also registered on Porsche’s NFT website
  • Phase 2: For holders of a partner NFT and also registered on the website.
  • Phase 3: For holders of a Porsche POAP and also registered on the website.
  • Phase 4: For anyone registered on Porsche’s NFT website.

The POAPs were limited to 911, another homage to the classic luxury car. Porsche also challenged the generic perception that NFTs could not hold real value by assigning current and future rewards and benefits to the NFTs for the owners. These included exclusive access to both physical and virtual merchandise,opportunity to join a token-gated Discord,along with entrance to events featuring brand ambassadors and celebrities. NFT holders also could contribute to the future of Porsche in Web3 by co-creating the final look and feel of their NFT design. 

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Personalizing NFTs with Porsche Digital

Porsche NFTs are customizable

Minting a digital collectible from the first launch made the holder part of the “Pioneers Circle.” These Pioneers can shape Porsche’s Web3 community by customizing the final look of their NFT. Each Porsche NFT started off as a basic white Porsche 911 Carrera with a custom license plate for each holder. Owners could customize their NFT by choosing from three ‘roads’: performance, heritage, or lifestyle and thus change the car’s design in various stages over the course of several months. These roads represented different characteristics of Porsche’s brand ethos and with numerous design options possible, due to unique license plates, backgrounds, colors, and elements, each 911 NFT became a unique piece of art. In the final phase, users could claim a 3D version of their NFT via the homebase ‘Porsche Digital’, thus creating an even more immersive experience on Web3.

Commercial Use of Immersive Tech

Porsche AR-Imagine

In 2017, Porsche Cars North America launched the Porsche AR-Imagine app to innovate customer engagement with the brand. This 3D/Augmented Reality app allowed users to custom design their virtual Porsche car by choosing exterior colors, wheel designs, and interior options. They could then place it digitally in real-world settings, like garages or driveways and even the car for a spin in AR. The app was only available in the United States and featured 3 Porsche models: the 911 Turbo S, 718 Boxster S, and Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo. 

Porsche AR Visualizer

In 2019, Porsche introduced the AR Visualizer app; an app based on the concept of an already-existing Porsche technology and that allows customers to create a photorealistic representation of their configured vehicle in the real world. The quality in the smartphone matches the quality seen on computer screens. Customers can input a configuration code from Porsche’s website to view their customized car in real surroundings, just like the AR-Imagine app. Apart from the usual color customization, this new app also lets the users view technical features that had been previously hidden from view. They can then take it for a test drive virtually and also share their experience on social media, making the experience more personal for the online user and thus leading to higher engagement.

Virtual Reality Drive at the Porsche Experience Center

At the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles, a unique VR experience was installed in 2022 which immersed passengers in an outer space adventure. This VR experience blended the thrill of a Porsche ride for the passenger with the excitement of a space mission by including sound effects and visuals that adapted to the movement of the car. 

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