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Storytelling in Web3: how Auto and Motorcycle brands embrace it

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The advent of Blockchain technologies, NFTs and the Web3 in general has significantly impacted Auto and Motorcycle brands.

Web3 paves the way for automotive and motorcycle brands to engage their customers in a novel and immersive way. It is therefore significant to examine its value within the industry, showcase real-world use cases, and explore the instrumental role of platforms like METAV.RS in reshaping brand experiences.

Why Web3, NFTs, and the Metaverse Matter for Auto and Motorcycle Brands

Understanding the impact these technologies have on customer loyalty is grasp how brand differentiation is and how the overall future of the industry looks like. These technologies can assist automotive brands in maintaining a competitive edge, allowing them to establish themselves as industry innovators.

The resources of Web3 technologies within the automotive and motorcycle industry are vast and transformative. This impacts both technical and marketing aspects of these brands. The significance of Web3 technologies for automotive and motorcycle brands can be examined through opportunities and benefits they offer to enhance customer loyalty and brand experiences.

Technical Advancements and Infrastructure through Web3 for the Auto and Motorcycle industry

Blockchain technology lies at the core of Web3, offering decentralized and tamper-proof infrastructures that hold tremendous potential for automotive and motorcycle brands. By leveraging blockchain, these brands can establish a secure and transparent framework for recording and verifying crucial information, such as vehicle history, maintenance records, and ownership transfers. This ensures a higher level of trust and reliability in the industry, addressing concerns related to fraud and counterfeit activities.

Blockchain-powered smart contracts enable automated and trustless transactions within the automotive and motorcycle ecosystem. These contracts facilitate activities such as vehicle leasing, rental agreements, and service contracts, streamlining processes and reducing administrative burdens. Smart contracts eliminate the need for intermediaries, resulting in cost savings and faster transaction times.

Automotive and Motorcycle brands to launch Web3 activations

More than that, decentralized platforms offer secure and transparent marketplaces for buying and selling vehicles, spare parts, and accessories. These platforms provide an alternative to traditional dealer networks, enabling direct peer-to-peer transactions. By eliminating intermediaries, automotive and motorcycle brands can provide customers with more competitive pricing, greater access to a wide range of products, and a seamless purchasing experience.

As Web3 technologies continue to advance, automotive and motorcycle brands can leverage these technical advancements to enhance efficiency. They can as well reduce friction in transactions, and improve the overall customer experience.

Marketing and Loyalty Enhancements

Web3 technologies bring both technical advancements and marketing opportunities for automotive and motorcycle brands. By adopting Web3, these brands can directly connect with customers, fostering loyalty and engagement.

One important aspect is the ability to reward customer loyalty using Web3 utilities. By using blockchain and NFTs, brands can create digital collectibles, limited edition merchandise, and virtual assets with real-world value. These rewards can be earned through customer interactions, participation in events, or referrals. By gamifying the ownership experience, brands can incentivize customers to engage more deeply, creating a sense of exclusivity and community.

Web3 technologies also enable fractional ownership of high-value vehicles. Through tokenization, brands can offer customers the opportunity to own a fraction of a rare or luxury vehicle. This allows fans and enthusiasts to be part of the brand’s legacy, fostering a stronger emotional connection and brand loyalty.

Web3 technologies in a nutshell offer significant marketing potential for automotive and motorcycle brands. They enable rewarding customer loyalty, fostering engagement, and strengthening brand affinity. Through NFTs, fractional ownership, and improved data privacy, brands can create a unique and immersive ownership experience, setting themselves apart in a competitive market.

11 Real-World Use Cases: How Automotive and Motorcycle Brands Are Leveraging Web3

Automotive NFTs have become a popular trend in the Web3 marketing space, with several prominent car or motorcycle actors venturing into this exciting realm. These NFTs offer unique digital collectibles, immersive experiences, and even the opportunity to own exclusive vehicles. Let’s explore some of the notable activations you should know:


In February 2022, BMW introduced their audio-based NFTs known as the “roar of engine” in the “Museum of Sound” on the OpenSea marketplace. These NFTs capture the distinct sounds of BMW engines and are built on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain.


Lamborghini has been actively participating in the NFT market with various drops, presenting them as “Puzzles” for collectors to acquire. These drops occur monthly but are time-gated to 24 hours, creating a sense of urgency for enthusiasts. Lamborghini’s NFT promotions also include surprises, such as digital artwork from the Lamborghini Style Center and special tours of their headquarters for collectors who complete specific milestones.


Alpine is one of the most innovative company in this market, as it became the first major car manufacturer to launch itself into crypto art with the release of a new concept car exclusively as NFTs in 2021 and is still engaging deeply in web3:

  • As a Proof-Of-Concept in 2021, Alpine has created five exclusive liveries of the Alpine GTA Concept in collaboration with nfast, a start-up specialising in the design and production of hypercars in the form of NFTs. These unique artistic creations are available in the form of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), which are highly prized by collectors.
  • Alpine’s “Let There Be Light” 2022 NFT drop is a creative and well-executed use of AI to create data-driven designs. The brand is also clear and specific about the benefits of the campaign, which caters to accessibility and exclusivity through tiering. This is in contrast to Porsche and Chevrolet, which went up-market and left everyone else behind.
  • The Alpine F1 Team Fan Token (ALPINE), backed by Binance, was distributed during a Binance Launchpad. Through the distinctive and engagement-based rewards, interactivity, gamification, and more, the collaborative operation around the token launch assist BWT Alpine F1 Team to discover different branding opportunities to generate a more meaningful and responsive fan engagement experience for BWT Alpine F1 Team fans, both on the physical and virtual race track.
  • More Recently in 2023, the Alpine Fan Token ecosystem introduces the Alpine Race Day Collectibles to fans. This contains 6,000 NFTs being released for each F1 GP. Six of these collectibles are Super Super Rare (SSR) NFTs that come with weekend rewards. Moreover, they are randomly distributed amongst the collectors without any additional charges or selection process.
Alpine “Let There be Light” NFT Collection is a perfect example of a well balanced drop, between free, accessible collectibles and highly-exclusive experiences.

Porsche Web3 activation in the Auto and Motorcycle industry

Porsche has introduced a unique NFT campaign where enthusiasts have the opportunity to win a Porsche 911 Carrera through NFTs. This innovative approach combines the thrill of owning a luxury car with the excitement of digital collectibles.


McLaren offers NFTs that allow collectors to join their community through the McLaren Special Operations (MSO Lab). Additionally, they have created the in-world McLaren Racing Experience center, where fans can immerse themselves in a virtual McLaren racing environment.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce collaborated with British artist Sacha Jafri to design ‘The Six Elements’ Collection, which featured six real-life Rolls Royce Phantom Series II cars. The goal of this collection was to raise $1 million for charitable causes. Each Phantom Series II car was embedded with a unique QR code that allowed the owner to access an NFT embedded within the glove compartment, creating a seamless connection between physical and digital realms.

Volkswagen Web3 activation in the Auto and Motorcycle industry

Volkswagen has introduced a treasure hunt-style NFT experience, primarily in South American markets, particularly in Portuguese and Brazilian-speaking regions. The Digital Garage serves as Volkswagen’s dedicated NFT site, offering unique and engaging experiences for Volkswagen enthusiasts.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo, the renowned Italian car manufacturer, has made its foray into the world of NFTs and the metaverse. Indeed, the Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV is the “first car on the market” to come with an NFT digital certificate, that the Italian automaker says will increase the car’s residual value.


To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Renault 5, RENAULT, a prominent car manufacturer, launched an exclusive NFT collection on their Web3 platform, R3NLT. This collection celebrated the iconic Renault 5 models and offered unique perks and experiences to NFT holders. By leveraging NFTs and the metaverse, R3NLT successfully engaged their audience and created a new avenue for automotive enthusiasts to connect with the brand. They are also launching Racing-Inspired Sneakers With Digital NFT Twins.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Renault 5, RENAULT, a prominent car manufacturer, launched an exclusive NFT collection on their Web3 platform, R3NLT. This collection celebrated the iconic Renault 5 models and offered unique perks and experiences to NFT holders

Ducati entering Web3 as a Auto brand

Ducati, a renowned motorcycle manufacturer, partnered with NFT PRO, a white-label NFT platform, to enter the Web3 space. Through this collaboration, Ducati aims to offer immersive and community-centric experiences to its loyal fan base. The adoption of NFTs and Web3 technologies enables Ducati to enhance its digital strategy and provide unique opportunities for enthusiasts to engage with the brand.


Michelin, the leading french tire manufacturer, introduced in May 2023 the Michelin 3xplorer Club, an exclusive NFT collection and community centered around providing unparalleled experiences for automotive enthusiasts. Through this initiative, Michelin aims to strengthen its relationship with fans and explore new horizons in the Web3 space. By combining NFTs with the Michelin brand, the company creates a gateway for fans to access unique digital works and enjoy extraordinary experiences.

The Michelin 3xplorer Club, an exclusive NFT collection and community centered around providing unparalleled experiences for automotive enthusiasts

Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi, the legendary motorcycle racer and 9-time world champion, has embarked on a new venture in the Web3 space. As Rossi retires from professional racing, he aims to create a virtual platform where motorcycling fans can interact with his digital avatar. The VR46 Metaverse, developed by VR46, focuses on Rossi’s “Racing Team” and the “Riders Academy,” providing a space for fans to connect with each other and experience immersive content related to Rossi’s racing legacy. Through this initiative, Rossi embraces Web3 technologies to engage his fan base and expand his brand’s reach in the digital realm.

The Role of METAV.RS in the Automotive and Motorcycle Industry

Miniverses and Virtual Showrooms

METAV.RS offers brands in the automotive industry the opportunity to create unique, immersive miniverses and virtual showrooms. These digital spaces allow customers to explore vehicles in a fully 3D, interactive environment, experiencing them from every angle and learning about their features in a dynamic, engaging way. It’s an innovative approach to product showcasing that can extend reach and drive engagement beyond physical showrooms, allowing customers to explore and interact with the vehicles regardless of their location.

NFT Collections to empower Auto and Motorcycle brands in Web3

With the rise of blockchain technology and digital ownership, METAV.RS enables automotive brands to create and sell NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) of their vehicles, merchandise, or even unique digital experiences. This allows brands to tap into a new revenue stream, provides customers with unique, collectible digital assets tied to the brand, and can even open up opportunities for exclusive ownership or access rights in the virtual world.

AR and Marketing Activations

METAV.RS can help brands leverage Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance their marketing activations. This could involve AR vehicle demonstrations, where customers can virtually ‘place’ a car in their driveway and explore its features, or even AR treasure hunts and games tied to specific campaigns. These AR experiences can be highly engaging, providing a novel, interactive way for customers to connect with the brand and its vehicles.

Building Customer Loyalty and Next-Gen Brand Clubs

With METAV.RS, automotive brands can establish a deeper emotional connection and loyalty with their customers by creating immersive, interactive experiences. This can be achieved through the development of exclusive virtual clubs or communities where customers can engage with the brand and other enthusiasts in a more meaningful way.

These next-gen brand clubs can host virtual events, unveil new models, or even create virtual road trips or races. It’s an innovative way to tell the brand’s story, share its heritage, and build a community around shared interests and experiences. This digital engagement can translate into a stronger customer-brand relationship, thereby driving loyalty and potentially leading to repeat purchases.

The automotive and motorcycle industry is undergoing a significant transformation with the integration of Web3 technologies, NFTs, and the metaverse. These tools offer unique opportunities for automotive brands to engage customers, enhance brand experiences, and foster loyalty in the digital age. By utilizing blockchain technology, smart contracts, and decentralized platforms, automotive brands can revolutionize vehicle ownership, supply chain management, and customer interactions.

Real-world examples from leading brands like Renault, Ducati, Michelin, and Alfa Romeo demonstrate successful integration of NFTs, metaverse experiences, and blockchain-based solutions. As automotive brands continue to embrace Web3 technologies, they position themselves at the forefront of innovation, paving the way for immersive, personalized, and unforgettable automotive experiences in the future.