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Web3 & NFTs: How can Interactive experiences inspire Brands to redefine Next-Gen Loyalty and Rewards?

METAV.RS / Web3 & NFTs: How can Interactive experiences inspire Brands to redefine Next-Gen Loyalty and Rewards?
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Web3 experiences are increasingly becoming a cornerstone of today’s digital landscape, particularly as brands look to redefine the customer loyalty and rewards model.

In a world where digital interactivity is taking a lot of space, Non-Fungible Tokens are emerging as a way for brands to connect and interact with their audiences. It becomes relevant to explore how these two phenomena are redefining the boundaries of customer engagement, loyalty, and rewards, helping brands to navigate through the digital age and beyond. The transformative potential of Web3 and NFTs being unquestionable, uncovering how they can inspire brands to reimagine next-generation loyalty and rewards seems to be a no-brainer.

Building Next-Gen customer experience

Brands are venturing into innovative channels like virtual asset transactions and brand-exclusive virtual realms to elevate the shopping experience and foster deeper connections with their consumers.

Experience takes the forefront. Users, by accomplishing certain tasks on platforms, accumulate experience, which helps them advance in levels, progressively unlocking access to more exclusive rewards. With an average of 1.9 million tasks completed daily, 82% of which are rewarded with experience according to Zealy Data Study, 2023. It’s obvious that brands can facilitate free engagement.

Contrastingly, tangible rewards like NFT tokens present a concrete avenue for brands to engage and incentivize their customers, carving out a mutually beneficial scenario. The crux lies in tapping into the multitude of opportunities that reward tokens offer in cultivating customer loyalty and stimulating brand engagement.”

Going beyond Loyalty Points: Unlocking the Power of Utility NFTs to Foster Brand-Customer Connections with Web3 experiences

These collectibles, associated with utilities, equip users and creators with the capacity to yield financial gains from their offerings through digital ownership. As exchangeable assets, they carry the potential to increase in value over time. Brands have the opportunity to distribute reward tokens to customers, which allow for privileged access to brand-specific events or the unlocking of special perks. The blockchain technology supporting these reward tokens offers a distinctive model of ownership that parallels NFTs.

Ownership of a utility token provides users with the privilege to sell it, while buyers reap the benefits associated with it. These tokens can be resold, and the original user can claim a share of the proceeds. As the brand linked with the token flourishes, the value of the corresponding social and reward NFT can rise significantly.

These utility tokens transcend the concept of traditional loyalty points. They foster a more profound connection between customers and brands. By providing exclusive experiences or product discounts to token holders, brands not only reward customer loyalty but also establish enduring relationships. By incentivizing active engagement with the company, NFTs serve as a driving force, encouraging customers to transition into brand advocates.

Bacardi Rum is set to roll out a worldwide marketing campaign as part of its “Do What Moves You” brand ethos. The journey begins with a pop-up event in New York, organized in collaboration with Stadium Goods. Attendees will have the opportunity to secure a Dancing Shoes NFT, which can be exchanged for physical shoes. Further enhancing the anticipation for October 2023, Bacardi’s bespoke Snapchat AR lens and appearances at music festivals amplify the campaign’s reach. The grand finale takes place at a festival in Amsterdam, where attendees will be presented with a customizable NFT, convertible into personalized sneakers. Additionally, Bacardi is unveiling a unique lens on Snapchat for those customers who wish to participate from the comfort of their homes.

Do what moves you by Bacardi Web3 experiences

The Impact of Reward Tokens on Deepening Brand Devotion with Web3 experiences

Leveraging customer loyalty as a catalyst for recurring business is an effective tactic. Brands can stimulate customer engagement by dispensing reward tokens with each transaction, thus fostering continued patronage. The efficacy of this approach increase when these tokens can be exchanged for discounts or coveted rewards, further cementing the customer’s allegiance to the brand.

Salvatore Ferragamo, the esteemed Italian luxury brand, has delved into the realm of Web3 experiences. It has done so by offering reward NFTs via a distinctive installation at its newly inaugurated Soho store in New York. This engaging set-up allows visitors to collaborate in the creation of NFTs, choosing from a selection of digital backdrops conceived by the artist Shxpir. Once a backdrop is selected, consumers have the opportunity to create a one-of-one NFT artwork and mint it on the Ethereum blockchain via the OpenSea platform. This captivating experience, limited to 256 NFTs, was made available as a pop-up for roughly a month. Ferragamo also debuted a customization tool for the 6R3ENE sneaker, offering customers a sneak peek at their custom-made sneaker through a holographic projection displayed on a towering two-meter-high wall.

Building Community and Cultivating Exclusivity with Next-Gen Loyalty Program

To cultivate a lively community and nurture an aura of exclusivity, brands can use NFTs as rewards within their loyalty initiatives. By extending unique advantages and privileges to their most faithful patrons, brands evoke a sincere sense of affiliation. This fortifies the emotional connection between the customer and the brand, thereby augmenting customer loyalty and overall engagement.

Starbucks Odyssey Web3 activation highlights the exceptional value of the brand’s loyalty program by emphasizing the tangible advantages it provides to consumers. The brand offers a gamified experience where members can collect or purchase stamps, thereby increasing their points along the way. This engaging journey allows users to actively participate and unlock access to exclusive benefits and experiences. From virtual cocktail classes to trips to Starbucks’ Hacienda Alsacia coffee farm in Costa Rica, a world of unique opportunities awaits. Starbucks has ingeniously crafted this Web3 loyalty program to foster an inclusive Web3 community. It showcases the remarkable potential of Web3 in enhancing customer engagement and reimagining loyalty experiences.

Starbucks Odyssey Web3-based loyalty programs

Revealing Unforeseen Avenues with Web3 experiences

NFTs, when harnessed as rewards, present boundless opportunities for fostering brand loyalty. Imagine a limited pool of assets giving access to highly anticipated pre-sales or exclusive, limited-edition merchandise. Or perhaps, consider a membership NFT that unlocks entry to an elite community with the capability to trade or transfer ownership. Brands have the potential to incorporate NFTs into their loyalty schemes, offering customers privileged access to events, goods, or other enticing benefits. Such Web3 experiences not only elevate the customer journey, but they also incite curiosity and expectation.

The integration of reward NFTs can dramatically transform a brand’s operations, ensuring fair recognition for all stakeholders. By openly acknowledging and rewarding customer loyalty, brands fortify trust and express gratitude for their customers’ patronage. This reciprocal appreciation, in turn, boosts customer interaction and magnifies brand visibility.

Wow Bao, collaborating with Brightloom, unveiled a revolutionary NFT-based membership scheme. Customers have the privilege to enjoy exclusive perks by acquiring membership using conventional payment options. With a choice of three distinct tiers, each furnishing a variety of digital and physical rewards, members can participate in monthly giveaways, enjoy discounts, and benefit from point multipliers. The premier two tiers guarantee automatic entries for a chance to win a coveted Wow Bao-branded car in the exciting virtual racing game, Riot Racers.

WowBao NFT Web3 experiences


Web3 experiences and NFTs are dramatically reshaping the landscape of customer loyalty and rewards. Innovative brands are leading the way, using NFTs and the power of Web3 to engage customers, foster loyalty, and create vibrant communities. The future of customer rewards is decentralized, opening a world of exclusive, personalized experiences and tangible digital assets.

To learn more about how these technologies can transform your brand’s approach to customer loyalty and rewards, download our comprehensive Whitepaper around Customer Engagement and Web3 or connect with METAV.RS.