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Inside YSL Beauty’s Exclusive NFT Drops

METAV.RS / Inside YSL Beauty’s Exclusive NFT Drops
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YSL Beauty is making sure it stays eternal by evolving with time through successful and continuous NFT releases in the metaverse.With 3D/AR further transforming how we interact with fashion, YSL’s metaverse drops signify a seismic shift in how the world engages with luxury fashion—an immersive experience where every pixel and virtual thread is imbued with the legacy of Yves Saint Laurent. YSL Beauty refused to be just witness to the boom of Web3 and thus decided to enter the space in 2022 via a token-gated page, serving as the hub for  YSL Beauty’s Web3 journey.

 YSL Beauty Golden Blocks

The first NFT drop was aimed at providing mass entry to YSL Beauty’s Web3 ecosystem and the launch coincided with the 2022’s edition of VivaTech. “To us, Web3 holds the promise of intensified experiences, where artistic reinvention and genuine emotions collide,” said Stephan Bezy, CEO of YSL Beauty. “On this path into the unknown, we believe there is room to play with the codes of beauty, to push the boundaries of creativity and technology and to help shape a bolder present. All on the edge of reality.”

YSL beauty first NFT - Golden Block

The Golden Block was aimed at unlocking utilities throughout the year, including a premier launch and whitelisting for further NFT drops. On 14th June 2022, YSL Beauty issued 10,000 “Golden Blocks” NFTs. It was minted on Polygon and available exclusively to VivaTech visitors and the luxury brand’s Instagram and Twitter account followers. The NFTs could be claimed within a YSL Beauty Wallet app (downloadable via Apple store or Google Play Store) and all of the tokens were claimed within 48 hours.

YSL Beauty Pride Blocks

Riding on the success of the first launch, YSL Beauty released its second NFT collection soon after on June 21st. It collaborated with the decentralized social token platform, P00LS and two music artists, Agathe Mougin and Kittens as a part of their “Abuse Is Not Love” program. Both the artists launched tokens on P00LS in the metaverse and these $TREATS and $ETHAGA token holders were eligible for redeeming exclusive benefits (VIP tickets to events, and access to podcasts) and access to each artist’s community. Interlinking both the NFT drops, these NFT holders also had privileged access to YSL Beauté’s Web3 hub, wherein they had the opportunity to YSL Beauty’s “Golden Block”. The partnership was again a success with 1.3 million tokens being bought in 7 days by 24,000 people, including 4,600 people  who owned both tokens.

YSL Beauty Night Blocks

Black Opium is amongst the top ranked fragrances of all time and YSL Beauty cleverly linked its 3rd NFT drop to its most selling product. A two part Web3 campaign, this marketing campaign was aimed at channeling customers directly to YSL Beauty’s proprietary platforms, thus pivoting away from traditional retail intermediaries. “We are always trying to differentiate our DTC [experience] from the online experience YSL Beauty shoppers have at Sephora or Boots,” said Diane Hecquet, chief digital and marketing officer at YSL Beauty International,. “We see our e-shop as a flagship, where we deliver the best brand experience through unique differentiators like gifts with purchase.

YSL beauty NFT - night block

The first part included gifting NFTs to consumers who purchased the fragrance in the brand’s online store in France, the U.S., the U.K. and Australia. The Night Block NFT was limited to 2,000 pieces and for the most loyal consumers, a rarer edition (just 14 tokens) was made available. The rare token holders also received a bottle of the perfume along with a handpicked YSL Beauty kit. These NFTs will grant access to separate experiences: access to the private sales of the second part of the Web3 activation, a gift voucher, or exclusive content created by master perfumer Nathalie Lorson. This collection was again sold out in 48 hours. 

YSL Beauty Night Masters

The 2nd part of the above mentioned marketing gig was launched on March 6th as a crypto art auction. This was the brand’s first NFT collection that required payment and was exclusive for  all NFT holders of the “Beauty Night Block” NFTs as well as previous holders of YSL Beauty NFTs. The drop included 3 unique NFTs created by photographers Ivona Tau, Natalie Amrossi and Laura Sills – termed “Last Night’s Memories”, “Nightfall” and “The Rush” respectively. Each NFT had 100 copies and could be minted for a price of 0.2 ETH They drew inspiration from the respective photographer’s interpretation of the Black Opium Night. Like previous drops, token holders of this respective drop got exclusive access to benefits, like a premium metallic print of the NFT with digital authentication.YSL Beauty plans to release additional NFT drops in the coming years and further plans to test out various Web3 features to see what aligns well with its Web2 community.

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Use of 3D/AR 

To test out more Web3 tech and enhance customer experience, YSL created AR filters to promote one of their popular fragrances, YSL Libre. Available on both Snapchat and Instagram, the filters were a fun and interactive way for the consumer to explore the YSL Libre perfume and find their signature scent. The QR code in Vogue Magazine transported the reader to the world of YSL Libre on Instagram, through their interactive AR filter. It was successful in generating buzz around the product and helped YSL Beauty connect to a wider and younger audience. 

YSL beauty virtual try on using AR

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