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Creating Your Brand Avatar: Be different from other brands in the metaverse

Creating Your Brand Avatar: Be different from other brands in the metaverse

With a powerful Brand Avatar, transform your brand into a magnetic force in the metaverse and forge strong bonds with your target audience while leaving a lasting impression.

As virtual worlds continue to gain popularity, businesses are looking for new ways to engage with their customers and prospects. One innovative all-in-one platform METAV.RS will provide your brand with is a dedicated and custom Branded Avatar. The latter offers a unique and dynamic way to showcase your brand in a 3D format, allowing to build a deeper connection with your audience and gather the identity, culture and codes of your company.

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Features of your Brand Avatar powered by METAV.RS

Our powerful solution is to bring your brand’s unique personality to life. With the ability to custom tailor your Brand Avatar to your specific needs and goals, we help you create an impactful representation of your brand that will connect with your core customers:

Showcase your brand identity in 3D

Rather than relying on static logos and images, you can create a dynamic and lively or animate representation of your brand that can interact with your users in real-time. This can help to build a deeper connection between your brand and your audience, and can also make your brand more memorable and distinctive.

Make your employees/customers/prospects connect with your brand and create a virtual asset of their own

By allowing your employees or customers to create their own virtual assets inspired by your Brand Avatar, you can encourage them to become more involved with your brand and to share their experiences with others. This helps to build a sense of community around your brand and also increase brand loyalty.

Attract a new generation of customers who is looking for Web3 experiences

Today’s consumers and especially the Gen-Z, are increasingly looking for immersive, interactive experiences online and in metaverses. By creating your Brand Avatar, you can appeal to this growing demographic of Web3 users and offer them a new way to engage with your brand. This can help to attract a new generation of customers and can also help to make your brand trully impactful in the digital space in general and the metaverse in particular.

Deploy your brand avatar in some of our partner’s 3D environments

By creating your own Brand Avatar, you can deploy it in on your own virtual world directly on your website (Miniverse). It is also possible to bridge it on a variety of 3D environments, including Decentraland or The Sandbox Metaverse. We are currently working with the Metaverse Standards Forum on Metaverse Interoperability. This can help you maximise our brand’s reach in the digital landscape and the metaverse.

Extend your metaverse strategy through Direct-to-Avatar

Creating a Brand Avatar being the link to the other ones will act as a promoter of your brand NFT wearables. Having each user get an avatar makes more sense for your Web3 strategy because they will more enjoy all the features available to them such as digital assets. Your company will be able to leverage the power of the Direct-to-Avatar business model and sell or retail products directly to avatars, while bypassing all the logistics and middlemen associated with the delivery of physical products.

At METAV.RS, we understand the importance of having a strong and memorable brand presence. That’s why we’ve brought together a talented team of creative designers and 3D engineers to bring your Brand Avatar to life. With a powerful combination of creativity and technical expertise, our 3D studio is dedicated to helping you bring your brand’s unique personality to life in a dynamic and engaging way. Our team of 3D engineers is equipped to create a visually stunning and highly detailed representation of your digital icon, ensuring that it accurately reflects your brand’s vision and values.

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Use cases

Creating your custom digital brand icon helps set your business apart from competitors in the virtual world. By establishing a distinct and memorable presence in the metaverse, you can build brand recognition and establish a strong connection with your customers. Take note of the following use cases for getting your brand its own Avatar:

  • Virtual events and trade shows: Attendees can interact with your Brand Avatar during virtual events, creating a more personal and immersive experience.
  • Social media platforms: A well-designed brand icon helps your business stand out on social media platforms, increasing engagement and visibility.
  • Augmented Reality experiences: Getting to see your Brand Avatar in Augmented Reality leads to unique and unforgettable brand experience for your users.
  • Gaming and entertainment: A Brand Avatar can serve as a character in games and other forms of entertainment, giving customers a fun and engaging way to interact with your brand.

Incorporating a Metaverse Icon will help your brand tell your story and establish a strong and lasting presence in the virtual world.

The Exemple of LIVI as brand avatar, The Virtual Muse Redefining Luxury Innovation for LVMH

Livi, short for “LVMH Innovation Virtual Insider,” has made a grand entrance as the newest virtual muse of LVMH. With distinctive features crafted through cutting-edge 3D modeling by the startup Altava, Livi boasts a sun-kissed complexion, freckles, and striking white streaks in her hair. Not only does she serve as a canvas for the fashion and jewelry houses within the LVMH group, who will dress her for various public appearances, but she also embodies LVMH’s commitment to technological innovation.

Redefining the Luxury Experience

Livi’s role goes beyond being a virtual personality. She actively contributes to LVMH’s innovation strategy and engages in multiple high-profile events, showcasing the group’s dedication to the future of luxury. Let’s explore two specific use cases where Livi’s virtual presence elevates the LVMH brand:

  • Co-Hosting the LVMH Innovation Award Ceremony: Livi takes center stage alongside industry leaders during the prestigious LVMH Innovation Award ceremony. With her virtual charisma and technological prowess, she co-animates the event, captivating the audience and adding a touch of futuristic glamour. Livi’s presence reinforces LVMH’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent and fostering innovation within the luxury sector.
  • Engaging in VivaTech’s Digital Edition: Livi seamlessly integrates into the digital edition of VivaTech, one of the world’s largest tech conferences. As a recognized expert on the future of luxury, she participates in panel discussions and shares insights alongside other luminaries from the LVMH group. Livi’s virtual nature allows her to transcend physical limitations, connecting with a global audience and spearheading discussions on groundbreaking technologies and trends in the luxury industry on social medias and more.

The integration of Livi as the virtual muse of LVMH represents a bold and forward-thinking move by the luxury conglomerate. By embracing the virtual realm, LVMH demonstrates its willingness to adapt and explore innovative avenues to enhance the luxury experience. Livi’s ability to seamlessly merge technology and fashion showcases LVMH’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and redefining what it means to be a luxury brand in the digital age.

Why do you need to create your own Brand Avatar?

While a brand logo may convey the name and vision through text and visuals, it may not fully express the brand’s values, goals, and beliefs. In times of change, a digital lively icon can serve as an alternative representation for the brand instead of a logo. A Brand Avatar also embodies the core dimensions of your brand: your vision, positioning, values and brings them to life through a distinct personality and shape. This personality allows your brand to convey its message to its target in a way that resonates with their own unique characteristics.

Each of these 3D Avatars have their own set of skills, making it possible to invest them with different missions and messages. Whether it comes in an unusual shape or form, it is human-like or not figures that can evoke emotions, attitudes and preferences. It can be quirky, playful, or serious, but should always reflect your brand’s values and vision, and provide a clear and compelling representation of who you are and what you stand for.

By understanding your target audience and creating a Brand Avatar able to speak to their needs and desires, you build a real bond with them. A Brand Avatar is meant to help you to build a strong brand identity that stands the test of time and making deep-rooted impact on your audience.

Deepen your storytelling: Get your company a Brand Avatar

Stories hold a special place in people’s hearts and minds, and brands which go for storytelling are more likely to be successful than those which don’t. With the rise of brand avatars, storytelling is now being conveyed more effectively, with more clarity, creativity, and interaction. This means your Brand Avatar will represent a dynamic and versatile image of your brand, ready to spread your message and connect with your target audience. With the ability to articulate your message in a unique and engaging way, your Brand icon is the face of your brand, embodying your vision and values in a personalized manner.

Besides, consumers often struggle to find the perfect brand that aligns with their needs and values. However, brands with a business avatar are easily recognizable and make it easier for potential buyers to identify them. As a virtual icon, brand avatars can be easily adapted to suit the context and culture of a particular audience, especially in Web3 landscape. When buyers can relate to the avatar, they experience a deeper psychological connection to the brand, leading to increased trust and solidifying their loyalty.


Take your storytelling to the next level and bring your Business to life. Connect with your audience on an Emotional level. Brand Avatars are considered to be the Future of Logos or even Influencers. They offer a unique and powerful way to bring your business’s story to life. At METAV.RS, we are dedicated to helping you harness their power to deepen your storytelling and engage with your audience in a modern way.