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NFT platform: Why do brands and creators need it?

NFT platform: Why do brands and creators need it?

Developing an NFT strategy also revolves around finding THE proper NFT platform. When selecting an NFT platform, there are many options available, each with its own focus. It’s important to consider several factors before making a decision as a brand or a creator.

Looking to capitalize on the growing trend of NFTs? Managing NFTs creation for a brand or creator can quickly become challenging. To overcome it, METAV.RS has set up a centralized NFT Platform experience for brands looking to create and administer their own NFTs.

With such solution, your brand can easily and  can easily manage the entire NFT creation process from start to finish. From production, minting to distribution and rewards attribution, the platform provides a user-friendly interface that streamlines the entire process. The days of managing multiple platforms and dealing with confusing interfaces are gone. You can rest on your two shoulders and save time. Through METAV.RS interface, everything is in one place.

What is an NFT platform?

An NFT platform enables the creation, management, and trading of non-fungible tokens. This platform changes the way we trade digital assets, by allowing users to buy and sell unique digital items such as NFTs.

Whether you are a brand or creator, you have to go through an NFT platform to monetize your digital content and intellectual property in a secure, decentralized, and transparent way. A proper NFT platform will merely help you create your own collectibles or one-of-a-kind digital art pieces and sell them directly to your users without the need for intermediaries.

Why do Brands and creators need a complete NFT platform and what issues are they facing?

Due to many challenges they face with regular operating mode to create NFTs, brands and creators need a centralized NFT platform for several reasons.

  • One of the most significant problems is the plethora of mint platforms available in the market. This abundance of options makes it difficult for brands to choose the right platform that meets their specific needs and requirements.
  • Another challenge that brands face is the struggle in managing NFT collections from different blockchains and integrating digital assets already encrypted on the blockchain. This makes it challenging to maintain a unified collection of digital assets that can be easily managed and traded on a single platform.
  • Furthermore, brands have trouble in managing and easily associating utilities to an NFT, which can limit the value proposition of an NFT for brands and creators. This means that brands are unable to leverage the full potential of NFTs and offer unique experiences to their customers.
  • Lastly, accessibility of the NFT activation, both for the brand and for the users, is another issue. Regular NFT activations can be complex and time-consuming, making it challenging for brands to deploy them efficiently. This can result in lower engagement and adoption rates among users.

To overcome these challenges, your brand must turn to our NFT platform solution. We offer a unified and streamlined solution for NFT creation, management, and distribution.

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What METAV.RS is putting forward?

Our NFT platform provides a comprehensive and a user-friendly interface allowing to mint, manage and share digital assets from various blockchains, integrate NFTs already encrypted on the blockchain, and easily associate utilities to them. It also simplifies the activation process, making it accessible to both brands and users directly through a dedicated page on your website.

By using our NFT platform solution, brands and creators can overcome the challenges associated with regular NFT activations and fully leverage NFTs capabilities, offering unparalleled experiences to their customers and creating new sources of revenue. By providing seamless management and distribution of digital assets, our platform helps brands save valuable time and resources, allowing them to focus on their core business strategies.

From managing the production and minting of NFTs to efficiently distributing them, our centralized interface streamlines the entire process, as well as provides a dashboard to track the performance of an NFT activation. On top of that, the Utility Manager allows creators and brands to offer unique incentives to their customers, such as exclusive access to content, rewards, discounts and much more.

Our NFT platform is designed to cater to your specific needs and provide a seamless experience for your customers. We ensure you have complete ownership of your NFT ecosystem:

  • Get flexibility to build NFT activations that align perfectly with your unique use case.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated high-performance hub.
  • Centralize your Non-Fungible operations effortless with our platform. 
  • Gain valuable insights into your NFTs’ market performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize your strategy.

Empower your brand to offer a truly unique and immersive NFT experience. Experience the freedom and flexibility of our tailored NFT solution, enabling you to create, manage, and thrive in the evolving world of digital assets.

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Mint NFT Platform

Minting an NFT involves the creation of a brand-new digital asset on a blockchain, with Ethereum being the most commonly used platform for NFTs. This is essentially recording the relevant data that constitutes a unique NFT and adding it as a new block on the blockchain.

NFT Minting Platforms play a crucial role in transforming digital files into valuable digital assets by securely publishing them on the blockchain. Moreover, these are convenient platforms to buy and sell NFTs. METAV.RS goes beyond mere minting by providing a comprehensive solution for transforming digital files into valuable assets.

Our platform acts as an online venue where NFTs can be effortlessly bought and sold, offering a place for brands and creators to showcase their creations to their audience. While there is wide array of NFT minting platforms available today, METAV.RS stands at the forefront of this revolution. We simplify the minting process, making it more accessible for brands and creators to unleash the potential of NFTs without the complexities of fee management.

With the METAV.RS mint NFT platform, brands and creators can now take full advantage of this digital revolution, transforming their digital files into valuable assets and tapping into new realms of creativity, engagement, and revenue generation.

Brand NFT Management Platform

Our Brand NFT Management Platform change the way brands handle their digital assets by providing a comprehensive and efficient solution. It provides brands with access to a powerful management tool that simplifies the creation, management, and storage of their digital assets.

One of the standout advantages of the Brand Asset Management NFT Platform is its wide range of functionalities for various asset formats. Brands can import asset collections, generate 3D models from 2D images, and even create Augmented Reality models from their existing assets. The platform empowers brands to embrace innovation and express their brand’s uniqueness in a dynamic and interactive manner.

This platform acts as a unified hub, enabling brands to manage their web 3.0 assets across multiple metaverses. With features like automatic 3D model generation based on product pictures and an Augmented Reality generator, brands can deliver immersive activations that captivate their audience and elevate the brand experience. Scale the production of your digital assets:

  • Create 3D models automatically based on product pictures
  • Provide immersive activations at a glance with our Augmented Reality generator

Embrace the future of digital asset management with the Brands NFT Management Platform. Simplify, optimize, and unlock the full potential of your brand assets in the rapidly evolving landscape of NFTs.

NFT Marketplaces

An NFT marketplace serves as a dynamic digital platform where users can seamlessly buy and sell NFTs. These marketplaces not only serve as a marketplace for transactions but also as a secure storage and display space for NFT owners. Brands can showcase their unique digital assets and connect with potential buyers, creating a vibrant ecosystem for NFT trading.

METAV.RS offers brands a game-changing opportunity to showcase and sell their digital assets directly on their website through a dedicated web page. They have a direct and accessible platform to showcase their NFT offerings, expanding their reach and driving engagement. By providing brands with an NFT factory, METAV.RS empowers them to take full control of their NFT sales and leverage their online presence to maximize revenue. More that that, our NFT Platform includes integrations and compatibility with the major NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, making the transition from digital assets to NFTs a smooth process.

Marketplace NFT platform

Through our NFT factory, brands can simplify the process and ensure smooth transactions. Through a transparent and efficient fee structure, we handle the transfer of NFTs from one party to another, streamlining the buying and selling experience for all participants. With METAV.RS, brands gain access to a platform tailored to their specific needs, enabling them to align with their brand identity and target audience effectively. Your brand will easily launch NFT collections, including 2D and 3D assets, without the need for any coding knowledge. With this NFT Factory, your brand will unlock a powerful channel to monetize digital assets and engage Next Gen users.

All assets can be easily created or imported directly into our asset manager, ensuring a streamlined workflow. Our collection launch module includes various smart contract templates tailored to specific needs. These templates encompass a range of options, from free claim contracts ideal for events and loyalty activations to standard collections used by renowned brands and blue-chip collections. We also support genesis collections, PFP collections, 3D wearables, and digital twins.

Recognizing the dynamic nature of Web3 landscape, our contract offers flexibility by allowing updates to the token’s metadata throughout its lifecycle. This capability opens up possibilities for innovative use cases, ensuring our platform remains at the forefront of the evolving NFT ecosystem.

Embrace the opportunities of our brand NFT Factory solution. Take control of your brand’s NFT sales, connect with a global community of collectors, and unlock the full potential of your digital assets on your own terms.

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NFTs & Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are quickly becoming a hotbed for NFTs, with platforms like Twitter or Instagram. The NFT Platform integrates seamlessly with these social media platforms, allowing creators and brands to easily promote their NFTs to their followers.

Connect your NFT hub with traditional social media platforms or home–built Web3–based platforms. Crew³ is a web3 app that activates, grows and empowers Web3 communities. The streamlined onboarding process simplifies the joining of communities for members. They have the ability to personalize their profiles by utilizing their digital assets. The implementation of data-driven automation allows for the rewarding of users who contribute the most, while also converting visitors into active contributors. By easily joining community hubs, users can connect with thousands of web3 members in various fields such as Gaming, DeFi, Art, Music, Collectibles, and more.

NFT API to illustrate NFT platform

For those who want to take their NFTs to the next level, our NFT Management Suite includes an API that allows developers to create custom integrations with other blockchain technologies. This opens up a world of possibilities for brands and creators, from creating custom NFT smart contracts to integrating NFTs into existing apps and platforms.

For example, imagine a gaming company that wants to integrate NFTs into their game. With the NFT API, the company can create custom NFTs that represent in-game items or achievements, and integrate them seamlessly into the game. Players can then buy and trade these NFTs on marketplaces, creating a new revenue stream for the gaming company.


The METAV.RS NFT Suite is the ultimate solution for brands and creators looking to create and manage NFTs. With its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and integrations with social media platforms and marketplaces, our platform streamlines the entire process of creating and managing NFTs.

Whether you’re a brand looking to monetize your digital assets or a creator looking to build a following, our NFT Platform has everything you need to succeed in the world of NFTs. Start creating and managing your own NFTs with ease, contact our team.