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How to make your users unlock Rewards and Benefits through a Membership Card NFT

How to make your users unlock Rewards and Benefits through a Membership Card NFT

Reboot your customer loyalty plan with a Membership Card NFT in the form of a Utility NFT. In the cutting-edge world of blockchain technology, it’s an access-all-areas, a digital golden ticket, reserved for those who hold your NFTs.

This is a way to construct a fortress of loyalty around your brand, rewarding those engaged users with the perks they deserve. Leave a customer base behind to build a digital tribe.

What is a Membership Card NFT?

Stepping into the digital era, Membership Cards NFT emerge as coveted keys to an exclusive world. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill access passes, but unique digital assets powered by blockchain technology. NFTs can do various digital cloaks, from artistic masterpieces to coveted in-game items, or even serve as the golden ticket to the greatest events.

Way before, VIP clubs were the playground of the elite, offering a secure haven to engage with like-minded peers. Now, brands leverage this paradigm of exclusivity to bolster their brand equity and profitability. NFTs, with their immutable proof of ownership, push traditional membership models to unprecedented heights. Several industries, from sports to fashion, have embraced the Membership Card NFT wave, augmenting customer loyalty. And with the dawn of the Metaverse, the landscape of Membership Card NFT is virtually limitless.

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How does it work?

NFT memberships function as your digital golden ticket, granting you an all-access pass once your cryptocurrency wallet syncs with the brand’s platform, and the user ownership is authenticated. In essence, it mirrors the regular membership model, fostering strong ties between brands or organizations and their communities. This deep-rooted connection enhances the member experience and unlocks an array of brand-associated perks.

Taking a real-world example, consider the exclusive world of Bored Apes Yacht Club NFTs. Ownership of one of their 10,000 uniquely PFP avatars paves the way to a plethora and perks such as private parties, royalties, Airdrops or NFT drops, or live events. The ticket to this virtual paradise lies in the verified ownership of the BAYC NFT.

A more recent use case will be Indosuez, the wealth management unit of French bank Crédit Agricole, having launched an exclusive NFT-based club, Le Clu3, to target tech-savvy wealthy individuals and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs. Created in collaboration with SiaXperience and Web3 platform METAV.RS, Le Clu3 offers a loyalty model similar to those seen in high-end fashion brands.

Members receive a non-transferable “soulbound” NFT, granting them privileged access to specific areas of the Indosuez website. These members are then offered exceptional experiences and rewards in partnership with undisclosed luxury brands. Le Clu3 tokens are minted on Polygon, an Ethereum network, and can be stored in both traditional or cloud wallets, with seamless onboarding assured. Future initiatives involve minting additional soulbound tokens for event attendees.

Indosuez wealth management unit of French bank Crédit Agricole to launch an exclusive NFT-based club, Le Clu3, created in collaboration with SiaXperience and Web3 platform METAV.RS to illustrate Membership Card NFTs

The beauty of Membership Cards NFT lies in their simplicity and user-friendliness. Most platforms streamline the authentication process, making it as easy as holding the valid NFT membership card. With these digital keys, the doors to exclusive access open seamlessly.

The value proposition of Membership Card NFT

NFTs, beyond their broad utility, have gained massive traction due to their potential for appreciation. The narrative remains true for Membership Card NFT as well. Brands craft exclusivity by minting a limited number of NFTs, sparking a surge in demand and subsequently, the value. The beauty of NFTs lies in their versatility – should a member wish to sell their NFT, they stand to benefit from the appreciation of the asset.

Smart contracts fuel this dynamic ecosystem of NFTs, enabling the creators to set royalty splits. This feature funnels a fraction of revenue from secondary sales to any designated wallet, crafting a potential financial windfall for both membership holders and brands. The initial sale generates revenue for brands, while subsequent appreciation and secondary sales via royalty splits enrich both the brand and the holder.

Membership Card NFT, therefore, become a conduit for symbiotic growth between brands and fans. Brands are incentivized to magnify the value they offer, driving up the worth of their NFTs, and the holders reap the rewards of these additional perks and benefits.

New horizons with Ownership and Exclusivity with Membership Card NFTs

Membership Card NFTs are a key part of digital access and ownership. They manage a range of digital assets, from unique artwork to engaging gaming experiences. Membership Card NFTs offer security and efficiency, simplifying the process of transferring digital assets and reshaping our understanding of digital ownership.

Not just about access and transfer, Membership Card NFTs also provide a sense of exclusivity by giving members special access to unique content, events, or services. This allows creators to earn from their work while offering their members exclusive rewards. Although this is a new area, the growing world of Membership Card NFTs could change the way we think about digital ownership and access. As technology continues to develop, the potential of Membership Card NFTs is expected to increase.

Taking a Leaf out of the regular Membership Playbook

In essence, Membership Card NFTs bear a resemblance to their Web2 counterparts, offering access to events or affiliations with brands. But the similarities end there, as Membership Card NFTs take the leap into the future, embedding unique advantages for both event organizers and customers. For brands, NFTs unlock new revenue with their primary sales, while users gain more than just an entry pass. These digital tickets encapsulate utilities that justify the expenditure, reward loyalty, and offer an elevated sense of exclusivity surpassing what Web2 has to offer.

Coachella for instance, one of the world’s most renowned festivals, launched their own Membership Card NFTs last year. The Web3 experiment paid off handsomely, with total sales exceeding $1.4 million and all NFTs snapped up in no time. This big festival introduced a tiered system, “The Infinity Key”, promising lifetime guest passes, gourmet culinary experiences, and private transportation.

The cleverly structured system of this festival provided different levels of advantages and rewards, which made it more appealing towards users. It fetched a staggering $270,000 at auction, reinforcing the appeal and potential of Membership Card NFTs. Typically, Membership Card NFTs ‘ prevalence in future broader live event industry only seems destined to flourish.

Key advantages of Membership Card NFTs

Just as regular memberships open doors to unique perks, Membership Card NFTs too come with a fascinating array of benefits, tailored to the specific NFT the user holds. These could range from VIP access to limited-edition products that are in tune with the organization’s business model, or multiple membership levels custom-fitted to your requirements.

Fostering Mutually Beneficial Relationships Between Brands and NFT Holders

As the value of the membership escalates, brands and their NFT holders form an alliance of vested interests. Through the creation of an NFT membership program, organizations cultivate trust among their audience and unlock numerous monetization prospects. This symbiotic relationship ensures that both parties share the spoils of the brand’s success.

Mitigating the Risk of Loss or Duplication

The inherent uniqueness of a Membership Card NFT makes them a treasure trove of opportunities. With verifiable ownership and transferability at any chosen price, NFTs eliminate the fear of duplication or theft. The ready availability of token verification ensures the security of your digital assets, eradicating concerns over the loss of physical cards or authentication data.

As blockchain technology scales new heights, organizations and NFT holders can now forge robust and enduring partnerships that are mutually beneficial. The ease of membership verification on the blockchain network also deters any attempts to counterfeit or steal membership data.

Crafting a Streamlined User Experience

Equipped with the right NFT in your wallet, you can sign up for Membership Card NFTs instantaneously by linking your wallet to the brand’s platform. Leveraging blockchain technology, brands can identify customers via their specific wallet addresses while preserving their privacy. The authentication process is frictionless, devoid of the usual complications tied to traditional memberships, and ensures immediate access to brand benefits once the NFT is verified. Furthermore, your benefits and rewards remain intact even when you choose to sell your NFT membership cards.

Broadening Revenue Avenues

The potential rewards associated with NFT memberships are vast and contingent on the brand’s growth. Unlike traditional memberships that seldom appreciate in value, NFT creators can leverage smart contracts to reap continuous royalties from their NFTs.

Ownership and Security

In stark contrast to ordinary membership cards or log-ins, Membership Card NFTs store data on the blockchain. Using NFTs as access keys to membership communities simplifies membership verification since the NFT is directly linked to the owning or purchasing wallet address.

Ease of Accessibility and Networking

Employing blockchain to manage and transfer Membership Card NFTs creates a more fluid experience for owning, buying, and selling NFTs. As long as the NFT is owned or the NFT project is operational, they offer continual access to the community or experience.

Authenticity and Provenance

Utilizing blockchain to track the lineage and movement of a membership NFT helps establish a transparent, verifiable record of the membership access’s authenticity and provenance.


The evolution of Membership Card NFTs is a game changer in the sphere of customer engagement and loyalty programs. As they unlock a myriad of opportunities, from exclusive access to unique perks, they also bring a sense of ownership and belonging that is incredibly powerful. As we navigate this exciting frontier, have trust in METAV.RS, a leader in the NFT space with a proven track record of success.

We are able to craft NFT strategies that foster stronger bonds between brands and their customer base. We understand the nuances that make Membership Card NFTs an experience that transcends traditional boundaries, fueling both fan engagement and revenue generation. The future of customer engagement is here, and with METAV.RS, you’ll be ready to meet it head-on.