Luxury Fashion Metaverse Whitepaper

The complete guide for Luxury Brands Entering the Metaverse.

Created by METAV.RS in Partnership with Sia Experience & Hub Institute.

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Beyond the definitions and the explanation of the main Web3 use cases for luxury brands, this white paper aims to serve as a playbook for brands that are looking to build their Web3 strategy or to structure the steps following their first experiments in this universe.You will discover:

  • The main objectives that luxury brands can pursue by launching themselves into Web3, whether in terms of marketing, brand image or even to create a new revenue line.
  • Identifiable levers to integrate Web3 into the brands’ marketing strategy, create community effects or better target the Gen-Z.
  • A structured methodology that will allow brands to implement a Web3 strategy based on their physical and digital identities, avoid pitfalls and start their web3 transformation in a pragmatic way.